Sending Christmas Cheer

Friday, December 23, 2016

Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord. This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger. -Luke 2:11-12

Tis the season for all things red, green, silver, and gold. Stores are packed with holiday shoppers, houses are decorated with garland and lights, and everyone is anticipating the parties and presents. It is easy to get caught up in the merriment of the holiday, but we have not forgotten the reason for Christmas. We have been playing with Rowan's nativity and reading some of our favorite Christmas books, including Song of the new personal favorite! And this year we added a sweet Christmas verse to the cards that we sent out.

Picking out Christmas cards is one of my favorite holiday activities. I love sending some Christmas cheer to those we love! It is usually quite the processes...finding (or taking) a picture of our family, scrolling through the numerous options on my favorite card sites, designing roughly 5,206 different cards and ending the decision with a family vote. This year, I knew I wanted to use the family photos we had taken in Oklahoma, and I quickly fell in love with a design from Tiny Prints. I love that I was able to incorporate so many of our pictures.

I love looking back at all of our Christmas cards through the years, and this one is sure to be one of my favorites!

Wishing you all a very, merry CHRISTmas!

DIY Lip Balm

Monday, December 19, 2016

Anyone else using lip balm like crazy? Especially this time of year...I mean, we have to keep our lips smoochable with all the mistletoe hanging around! ;) I recently made some of my own lip balm and it is absolutely my new favorite!

It is the easiest thing to make, and wouldn't they make the cutest little gifts? 

Here's what you need: 

Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil

Melt 1 tablespoon of beeswax and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in a glass bowl. Stir in 30 drops of essential oils...I used 15 drops of peppermint and 15 drops of cinnamon bark. Use the pipettes to transfer the liquid to the empty lip balm tubes. (Tip: You may want to rubber band a few of the tubes together so they are less likely to fall over.) Let them harden in the fridge for a few minutes & enjoy moisturized lips!

That's it! I told you it was easy!

Affiliate links included. 

Family Pictures

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

A couple months ago Dane, Rowan and I went on a little road trip to Oklahoma! While we were there our dear friend, Madison Vining, took some amazing pictures of my sweet family! Rowan was quite a usual, but Madison was able to get some great smiles out of him. These pictures will be treasured forEVER! The last time we had family pictures take, Rowan had far less hair...and was far less into running! My boy is growing up!

I am so happy that I get to call these fellas mine!

Messes & Memories

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

I am usually up for some DIY decor, and Rowan is always up for mess making! Last weekend we decided to make paint some little reindeer ornaments for our tree. I picked up some wooden ornaments, covered the table with some paper (almost skipped this step...glad I didn't), and let Rowan go to town with the paint brush. 

Painting ornaments takes some serious concentration...and if you get distracted it is probably because you thought it would be fun to paint your hand. 

These perfectly imperfect little ornaments are my new favorite! Making ornaments was always something I loved to do as a kid, and I hope that Rowan and I can make this a little holiday tradition. If my tree was covered in half painted ornaments that my little guy made, I wouldn't hate it!

Every year when I put these ornaments on our tree, I will think of this messy little moment!

Baby Bookshelf: Christmas Edition

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

It is no secret that I love children's books! We are always falling in love with new ones to add to our collection and to buy for our friends' kiddos! We have gathered quite a few holiday books, and I enjoy swapping out the books on Rowan's shelves for more festive ones as the holidays approach. Reading is one of our favorite things to do, and the Christmas books are some of Row's favorites! Here is a list of the Christmas books that we have been enjoying. 

There are a couple that I would like to add to our collection, including Olive the Other Reindeer! I will never grow tired of curling up with my boy and reading books, and it is even more fun with Christmas music and hot chocolate...with marshmallows of course! 

5 Year Anniversary Gift

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Every year Dane and I try to find something thoughtful that falls in line with the traditional wedding anniversary gifts. Last month we celebrated our 5 year anniversary. Yeah, I am not really sure how that happened so quickly! Anyway, the traditional gift for 5 years is wood. Dane is notoriously difficult to find gifts for, and when you are limited by materials it makes it that much more of a challenge.

A couple of years ago, I found Uncommon Goods and I have been swooning over there awesome gift selection ever since. Your are able to search for gifts by interest & I figured they would have the perfect gift for my "hard to shop for" husband. 

After almost buying a personalized whiskey barrel, I happened to see this awesome customizable cribbage board. We don't have a clue how to play cribbage, but we like card games...AND you could customize it with an image of your favorite lake! I selected Lake Lou Yeager from the list (that is where we got engaged), crossed my fingers that he would like, and clicked order!

HE LOVED IT...holla! However, we still are clueless on how to play. So, there's that! 

You can find a list of traditional anniversary gifts here & the customized playing cards here (but you will have to find your own cutie to put on them!)

Slowing Down

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Look too far ahead or behind, and we risk missing the joy intended for here and now. There's a certain richness in today that may never be around again.  -Joanna Gaines

October is always a BUSY month! Photo shoots and harvest take up a lot of our time. The month has come to a close and we finally got some time to slow down. A little leaf hunt & chasing Daddy around the yard is exactly what I needed. Our schedules are hardly fact, the busyness of the holidays is just around the corner. But these are the moments I want to fill my calendar with. The moments of simple fun exploring the world through this boy's eyes. 

Fall Playlist

Thursday, October 20, 2016

We are prepping for a road trip at the end of this week, so I thought that would be a good time to compile a fall playlist. The thought of a 7 hour car ride without good music makes me want to sleep through the whole thing...which I may do anyway...sorry, Dane! Everything by Johnnyswim will likely be playing at some point. Rowan loves to rock out to Don't Let it Get You Down!

(photo courtesy of Pinterest)

Gone, Gone, Gone - Phillip Phillips 
Brother - NeedToBreathe
You and I - JohnnySwim
Mountain Sound - Of Monsters and Men
Great Unknown - Kenz Hall
Here Now - Jill Andrews
I Found Myself in You - The Harmaleighs
Ho Hey - The Lumineers
Fire and the Flood - Vance Joy

I am sure that this playlist will be on repeat at our house...until it is acceptable to play Christmas music! AND...I recently added the Amazon Echo to my must-get list!  No more streaming Spotify through the only TV in the house! Not to mention a ton of other cool features. If you already have the Echo, do you love it!?  

This is not a sponsored post. However, there are affiliate links provided. Thank you for reading and supporting this blog. 


Friday, September 23, 2016

Well, here I am, celebrating another birthday. I would say it isn't special, but my friend Lacy is a firm believer that they are all, YAY 28! Now that I am older and wiser (HAHAHA) I thought it would be appropriate to write down some advice that I would have for my younger self. So, here are few things that I have learned over the years!

1. Don't Conform: You spent a greater part of your early adulthood trying to conform to the norms. Go to college, get a degree, find a job, get married, start a family. I wouldn't change my path if I could, but I would change the fact that I constantly worried about fitting into a mold. 

2. Be Yourself: Don't change who you are...not for anyone. You are exactly who God designed you to be. Your skills, your talents, & your quirks all make you unique and special. Don't try to be someone you are not. 

3. Love Recklessly: People are going to come into your them! When they build you up, love them. When they hurt you, love them. When they don't show love themselves, love them anyways. When they love you, LOVE THEM! We are here to love, don't waste time with hate...or even dislike. Investing in people and relationships is the greatest thing you can do. Choose love all the time! 

4. Take Advice: You are 18 and you don't know everything. There are so many people in your life that have so much knowledge to share. Take advice and corrective criticism and grow from it. 

5. Forgive: Life is too short to harbor anger towards others. There are going to come days when people hurt you, but there is beauty in the hurt. Those people who hurt you will also teach you valuable lessons and let you see strengths you didn't know you had. AND grace is a beautiful thing.

6. Embrace Life's Curve Balls: That five year plan that you have (heck that 10 year plan that you have)...don't be disappointed when it doesn't go the way you thought it would. I know what your goals are; I know what you are envisioning for yourself. Things don't always go as planned, and that is okay. It is going to hurt when some of your plans fall apart, but the end is going to be beautiful. The plans you have for yourself are so tiny compared to the plans He has written for you. You are going to meet people, go on adventures, and discover things about yourself that you would never get to do if your plan went exactly the way you hoped. Embrace life. Cry when it hurts, but look for the blessings and remember that it all going to work out.

7. Have Fun: Sometimes you take life way to seriously! Your older self knows a little bit about having a good time and embracing fun when it is needed! Go find a new hobby, spend time with your friends, and have fun with these precious days that God has given you. You won't regret it!

In 10 years you will be in awe of the season that God has you in. It is beautifully messy & filled with love. You have an amazing husband, the sweetest little boy, a wonderful family, and the most incredible friends. You are a lucky one! 

On my Bookshelf

Sunday, September 18, 2016

It is no secret that since having Rowan, I have been reading more children's books than anything else! I love the pretty illustrations and snuggling up with my boy to read about how The Little Blue Truck is going to save the day (yeah, we are back on that kick since our dear friend picked this up for us)! But I have added a few books to my "grown-up" book collection that I thought I would share with you guys! 

Wild and Free: I found out about this book on Instagram & decided that I needed it! It is great! If you are looking for some reassurance and clear idea of what it means to rest freely in the work that Jesus did for you, this book is a must! It was so great for my soul. In fact, I finished it about a month ago, and I will be reading it again soon.

The Whole-Brain Child: I haven't had a chance to read this one yet, but it was highly recommended. The book discusses topics of discipline, child development, and parenting. Plus, it includes some helpful graphics. Have any of you read this? I would love to hear your thoughts! 

The Nesting Place: I have read The Nesting Place blog for a long time, and I was so excited to receive this book for Christmas. It is filled with some great ideas on making your house feel like home & and loving it even when it isn't perfect.

Loving My Actual Life: I effortlessly zipped through this one! I couldn't seem to put it down. The pages are filled with helpful tips and insight on living a more intentional life. The author Alex, goes over her 9 month experiment where she focuses on something she wants to improve or fine tune. It made me really think about specific parts of my life that I would like to focus more on.

You are a Badass: I will be honest, I wasn't sure about this book when it was recommended to me. BUT I LOVED IT! It is easily one of my favorite books. If you are looking for some inspiration to go for your dreams, you need to read this book. It is encouraging and informative and SO FUNNY!

Uninvitied: I actually just started this one, but I can already tell that I will recommend it to so many of my friends. I have been digging in deep and taking notes and feeling all the feels. I will give you a full report when I finish it. (I am only 40 pages deep!)

That is all I have for now...short list, I know! There is a long list of books that I would like to read in the future, but I am still finding it hard to squeeze reading into my schedule. Have you read any great books lately? 

Rowie Update

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

This summer has sure gone by quickly. It has been a while since I have done a little Rowan update & he has grown so much over the last few months. His little personality cracks me up. He is always surprising me with something new that he has learned, or silly that he does. This age is easily one of my favorites so far! He absolutely loves bath time, reading, & visiting the farm to help Daddy with the goats. He is also pretty much obsessed with all things Curious George. Group hugs (or squeezes) are really common around our house...sometimes we get to enjoy twenty or so at a time & and each one is as enthusiastic as the first. He is pretty independent at times, but he also loves to snuggle is mommy & and you know that I am a fan of that! He has recently learned so many words. He pronounces most of them incorrectly, but that might be the cutest part (he calls milk "mooo-k"...pretty fitting!) And all of his sorries are accompanied with some sweet patting. I am not sure where he learned that. This boy is the sweetest thing with the kindest heart. I hope that he always know how very special he is to me. 

DIY Laundry Scent Boosters

Thursday, September 08, 2016

I used to love store bought scent boosters. However, over the years we have been trying to eliminate toxins from our laundry routine. We switched to a natural laundry detergent, tossed our dryer sheets, and I just thought I would live without the little smelly goods that I tossed in the washer. Then I found a recipe for DIY scent boosters, and my chore has been made slightly more enjoyable! 

It is super simple to make! Just add 30 drops of your favorite essential oils to 2 cups of epsom salt. Mix it together in a bowl and let it dry for a couple of hours before storing it in a glass container. When it is time to do laundry, just add a tablespoon to the washer with your detergent. Young Living's Purification Essential Oil is always a good choice when it comes to laundry. I have also used lavender and a combination of Northern Lights Black Spruce + Cedarwood (we pretty much just smelled like a good way, of course)!

The Kiddo Bookshelf

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The other day Rowan and I were driving home from daycare and he was throwing some kind of a fit...yes, my child throws fits like the best of, I decided to recite his favorite book! Yeah, I memorized every damn sweet word of a kids doesn't even have to be in my proximity kind of memorized! That is a pretty good sign that we need to add to our collection of children's literature. Don't get me wrong, I love The Little Blue Truck. However, I don't find my ability to quote it all that impressive.

I quickly started looking for some new books that the kid would love. I am a sucker for pretty illustrations, so that was a must when I was looking. When we aren't reading the books, they act as "art", neatly displayed on bookshelves in Rowan's room.

The BabyLit books have always been some of our favorite! They are the cutest primer books based off of classics. V is for Vittles might just be my new favorite! The kid is going to know the alphabet by the time he turns 2! ;) I also grabbed All Aboard National Parks, another BabyLit book! It is adorable and educational!

Some of the other books that I have had my eye on are Charlie Harper's Book of ColorsTree, and Old MacDonald Had a Truck. I may have to add them to our library of books in the near future.

I am also loving The 50 States. It would be great for older kids, but I think I am going to order it for Dane and would be such a fun addition to a road trip & I can see it being part of family vacation tradition.

Do you have any book recommendations for my little man? If they have farm animals (especially cows...or cats) than he is game! 

Rowan's Oil Collection

Thursday, July 28, 2016

It is no secret that my whole family is in love with oils! Even Rowan is a big fan. Anytime we get an oil out, he comes waddling over, sniffing the air so he can smell the oil. Just imagine his scrunched up nose and sniffy is the cutest thing!

He would love to carry bottles around all day pretending to smell them. However, I can picture him chucking them across the kitchen floor (the kid has an arm on him), and we take oil safety very seriously! SO...I thought it would be fun to make some little essential oil toys for him to play with.

I ordered some wooden figures from Amazon and just painted them to look like our favorite essential oils! Rowan rarely sticks toys in his mouth, so I felt safe using acrylic paint that I had around the house. If your little one likes to chew on things you may want to look for a different paint option.

Wooden toys are always my favorite, and I am obsessed with how these turned out! Plus, Rowan really loves having his very own collection of toy oils. He is constantly dabbing them on his wrists and feet! Seriously...CUTE!!!

Backyard Plans

Friday, July 15, 2016

I have been really wanting to have some fun little shindigs at my house, but my yard is far from shindig appropriate at the moment. So, I have been searching through Pinterest for some inspiration! I know that summer is almost over, and that is when the BBQ season is in full force. However, I am more of a sweatshirt wearing and marshmallow roasting kind of gal, and when fall arrives I want the back yard to be ready for entertaining! We have been wanting to add a parking area in the back of the house for a couple of years, and that will be the first addition. To separate the cars from the party area, I would love to do a tin wall, like the one above! I can just picture all of our friends sitting around a fire with some string lights, cold beers, and sticky s'mores! 

Some other plans that we have for the back yard include finishing the grill with concrete counter, finding a wooden table with some benches for dining, and of course some DIY yard games! I will share all these goodies with you as we accomplish them! 

Enjoy your weekend!

Favorite Podcasts

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I have recently started listening to some podcasts. I know these aren't new or anything, but I have never really thought about tuning in. That is until one of my favorite blogger couples announced that they were starting one! (If you are a fan of DIY or home renovations, you should check them out here!) After listening to every episode (is that the right podcast lingo?!) I decided to add a couple others to my subscription list.

Normally, when I am cleaning the house or doing work on my computer, I like to have music playing in the background. However, I have found that listening to these podcasts is entertaining and really helps pass the time. AND I am learning some really cool stuff...have you ever heard of a butter bell, I am pretty much amazed! Anyway, I thought it would be fun to put together a little list of the few podcasts that I have been listening to.

Are there any podcasts that I really MUST listen to? You know, because I need one more thing to occupy my time...NOT...but seriously, I would love to hear your suggestions!

Weekend Recap

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We had a busy and eventful weekend that was filled with family and fun...and a little bit of work. On Saturday we headed east to Indianapolis. I had a wedding to photograph there on Sunday, but we decided to go early and make it a mini vacation. 

We quickly learned that traveling with a toddler is not the easiest thing. About half way through our three hour drive we had to make a stop so the restless babe could burn off some energy. We randomly pulled off at a small town that happens to be home of several of the worlds LARGEST items. We got to see the the worlds largest rocking chair, wind chime, knitting needles, mailbox, pencil...and that was just a few. It was a cute little town and we walked around just long enough to find fudge and wear Rowan out. 

Once we got back on the road, we made it the rest of the way with minimal fussing. Rowan had never stayed at a hotel before, and he thought it was pretty fun. The first thing he did was kick back & relax...and then he "jumped" on the bed. We rested for a bit and then headed into town for a little bit of shopping and dinner. Downtown was buzzing with excitement of the Indy 500 and I found it awesome that a lot of the houses were decorated for the event. 

Saturday morning we enjoyed some breakfast and splashed in the pool before I had to get to work. It was beautiful day, but the wedding was even more beautiful! While I was busy taking pictures, the boys went to some drag races and spent time doing guy stuff. I am sure they had a blast!

After a long drive home and some much needed sleep, we loaded up again and headed to the lake! Sunshine is a must on long weekends, and the lake is one of our favorite places to soak it up. 

In the evening we headed to a little cookout with some family! Rowan had a blast playing with his cousins, we enjoyed some delicious food, and there was a heated game of foursquare + some sidewalk chalk fun! It was the perfect way to bring the weekend to an end. 

Toddler Favorites

Monday, May 09, 2016

Having a toddler is quite an adventure! Now that Rowan is walking, babbling, and eating real food our lives have gotten a lot more say the least. And while some things are much easier, there a few things that have become a bit tricky. Luckily, there are some products out there that make life with a toddler a little less complicated, and a whole lot more fun...if that is even possible! :)

Boon Snug: These silicone, universal lids are amazing. I was kind of skeptical when I ordered them, because we haven't had much luck with "leak proof" cups. These have been wonderful, and I love that they go on almost any cup! They work great with the KALAS tumbler from IKEA (which are another favorite)! Oh, and did I mention that they are dishwasher safe!?

Babylit Board Books: Reading is still one of Rowan's favorite activities. There is a great selection of kids books, but some of our very favorites are the Babylit. They are fun primer books with beautiful illustrations, which this momma loves!

Ubbi: We are still raving about the Ubbi diaper pale! I will admit, I thought that the price was a bit high, but it is worth every penny! I love that it uses regular garbage bags and it blocks the odor so well! Plus, now that Rowan is walking and more curious than ever, the built in lock has really come in handy!

Pajamas: Okay, this isn't really specific to a certain kind or brand, but kid pajamas are the cutest things ever. Maybe it has something to do with Saturday morning snuggle sessions or Rowan's leg rolls in PJ shorts...oh my goodness! Gap always has an adorable selection!

Step Stool: This is a great tool when it is time to start teaching things like hand washing and teeth brushing. I personally love this stool from IKEA, and I am actually planning a little DIY with it very soon! I will be sure to share!

Now, if someone would just come up with some kind of poop detector that would warn me right before Rowan decides to go in the bathtub...because that has happened...twice.

I would love to hear what your favorite products are!

Living in the Moment

Friday, May 06, 2016

The other day I was feeling run down by the monotony that has been filling my weeks. Everyday is the same thing, with the occasional visit to the goats. I have found myself anxiously anticipating the next holiday, vacation, or milestone & have ultimately been wishing time away. Then Rowan and I were cuddling in the rocking chair, like we do every night, and I realized that I didn't want that moment to go anywhere. Time is precious, and babies don't stay babies forever. I love the thought of getting away from the everyday and doing something fun, but we can't live for those moments. Life will pass us by and we will be left wondering what it is that we did. I want to look back and remember the small moments just as much as the big adventures...and everything in between.

Because really...these moments are the best!

Weekend Trip

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sometimes you just have to get away with the girls. Over the weekend I went to Lynchburg, Tennessee to celebrate a friend's bachelorette party. We stayed in a cabin that was awesome, we toured the Jack Daniel Distillery, and we had a great time hanging out. 

The cabin that we stayed in was a renovated horse barn. We stayed in the loft area, complete with windows that looked down into the stalls. And the view! Enjoying the warm weather in a rocking chair on the deck was delightful! 

Saturday morning we went on a tour of the distillery. It was really interesting and our tour guide was hilarious. If you ever find yourself near Lynchburg, you should check it out. I am not really a fan of whiskey, but I still found it very fascinating. 

The best part of the trip was having some quality time with great friends. Laughing, dancing, and making memories to last a lifetime. 

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did! 

FYI...I am pretty sure that we could start a professional packing business! We mastered fitting way to much stuff into very little car space...just sayin'! 

Baby Butt Cream

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Never did I ever think that I would get to use the word butt in a post title! That was kind of fun and exciting...

I have started making Rowan's butt cream. His little tush is so soft and cute, and I really want to keep it that way. Knowing about and being able to pronounce the ingredients in things like diaper cream, shampoo, and baby lotion is really important to us...especially when it comes to Rowan.  So we try to make as much as we can with our beloved essential oils!

I got this recipe from a friend, and it has been incredible. 

Baby Butt Cream

Approximately 4 ounces of organic, unrefined coconut oil
8 drops of Lavender
4 drops of Gentle Baby
2 drops of Tea Tree 

Whip the coconut oil in a bowl or jar until it is a soft texture. Add oils and stir. Store in a glass container. Use at every diaper change or as needed.

Rowan tends to get a little red easily. Applying this at each diaper change has really helped keep his tush as soft as a baby's bottom (just as it should be)! 

Random Saturday Thoughts

Saturday, April 09, 2016

First of all, Rowan found my container of bobby pins and decided to throw them all over the bathroom while I was getting ready. It doesn't matter how many times I sweep or try to pick them up, it seems like they are everywhere. However, I can guarantee that when I really need one they will have all vanished somehow. 

Rowan started a new daycare last week, and it just so happens to be down the street from my favorite little coffee shop! My accountant (a.k.a. Dane) is probably less thrilled than I am about that. 

I am going on a little road trip with my mom this afternoon. I should really drive, but it is so much more fun letting her do it. I wish I could tell you everything that she says while she is trying to get us anywhere, but I am sure that it would offend some anyone who has ever used a blinker properly. (Seriously though, I could write a book!)

I have been thinking up home renovation plans! I know if Dane is reading this he is probably rolling his eyes. It is nothing huge just the kitchen, living room, and front door...oh, and the yard. Okay, maybe it is more than a little. I do have some small projects that I need to get finished before I tackle any sort of renovation. I guess I will start with baby steps.

Did you notice that I gave this little blog a makeover?! I am pretty much in love!

That is all I have for you today! Happy Saturday! 

Spring on the Farm

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Oh baby! Spring time on the farm is an exciting time! Field preparations are underway and things are turning green with life, but that is not the thing I am excited about. The part of farm life that is making my heart all happy is all of the babies being born! Kids and calves are arriving at a steady rate, and the farm is bursting with new life. Just take a look at these little cuties!

Every year I look forward to the arrival of the calves. They bounce around and play in the grassy fields. This year we are added goats to the farm. Three baby goats have arrived and they are the sweetest things ever! We have never had goats, but by the end of spring we could have close to SIXTY! That is a lot of goats...I am going to have to find a good deal on pajamas!


Monday, March 28, 2016

Holiday weekends are always busy for us. Easter was no exception. Our celebrations started a week early this year. Last Sunday we went to Dane's grandparent's house, and while it was strange to get together prior to the holiday it was nice to visit without feeling rushed. Rowan loved hunting for eggs and playing with all of the kids.

Easter Sunday started with a small egg hunt (and spreading Easter grass all over the floor) in the living room, before we got ready for church. Our church does a big Easter breakfast every year. It is so nice to visit with our wonderful church family! After breakfast and a great Easter service we went to our first of three family gatherings! Egg hunts, lots of food, and even more candy made up the rest of the day. Oh, and visiting the brand new baby goat! (Apparently, we are goat farmers now...I will have to fill you in on that in at a later time.)

Some little boy failed to nap more than 20 minutes all day, so he began to lose his cool around stop three. Other than that, I would call the day a huge success. I love spending time with our family. While holidays are busy, they are filled with love.

Things that our holiday was not filled with...the Easter bunny! This is Rowan's second Easter and I have still not gotten his picture taken with the Easter bunny...#momfail! Does lack of tradition count as a tradition?!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

Spring Favorites

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring is here, and I am welcoming it with open arms! I have been anxiously awaiting warmer weather and putting away all of my heavy coats. I am reaching for cheerful colors, fun patterns, and dainty accessories this season. Here are a few of my favorite finds!

Every spring I find myself adding pops of color to the house. Anthropologie has a cute selection of throw pillows that would brighten up any space!

I always love a new notebook. (I know I am not the only one!) May Designs has an adorable collection of customizable notebooks. You can make calendars, fitness logs, address books, and more!

Nail polish always makes my list of favorites. It is hard to resist new colors each season. This blue is perfect for spring!

I am not normally a big fan of bracelets, but Alex and Ani have the cutest stackable bangles. I need to add the Rowan bangle to my must have list!

That straw tote from Target is the cutest thing ever. Don't you think it would make the perfect Easter basket?! (Hint, hint...just kidding...sort of...) I always enjoy an oversized tote for trips to the lake and days filled with activities. They are perfect for consolidating my purse and Rowan's diaper bag.

There you have it, a short list of goodies that have me feeling all springy! This is going to be a fun season with a walking toddler who loves to be outside and a pasture full of baby goats!

Rowan's Room Reveal

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Well, we finally found some finishing touches for Rowan's room, and I couldn't love it any more!

My favorite wall in the entire house is this plank wall! I love the way that it turned out, and it looks perfect with the rest of Rowan's room!

You may remember the DIY wall art that I did for above the crib. It has held up great! It wasn't what I had originally planned, but it is perfect! 

My mom found this chair that was the exact fabric as Rowan's crib sheets! I had no idea we even needed a chair, but this one seemed to be made for his room!

The last touch was this adorable teepee from Land of Nod! We got it for Rowan's birthday, and it has be a huge hit. He has even taken naps in it, which is the cutest thing ever! 

It really finished off his little book corner nicely! He can have all the adventures he wants! 

I love my boy, and designing a room that he can grow into and love was so much fun! 

Rowan Update

Monday, March 07, 2016

It has been almost 10 weeks since I have taken a #rowanweekbyweek picture! (sniff, sniff) Rowan has grown so much, and is changing and learning every day. This age is so much fun, and I love the little personality that he is developing. 

Right now his favorite things to do include climbing, showing us that he is SO BIG, and blowing kisses. His favorite animal seems to be a cow. Papa's cows say, "Ooooooo", and then he laughs at himself. He isn't a very picky eater, but his favorite foods include green beans, chicken, and grapes. He likes to be wherever mom is, and he loves to read.

Row is such a good kid. He throws some huge fits on occasion, but quickly makes up for with a sweet snuggle or two. This kid LOVES to cuddle! Everyone told me that he would grow out of that, but I am happy to report that they were wrong. 

Rowan has just started to really develop an opinion. He knows what he wants (and what he doesn't) and he is very good at letting us know! Oh, and I have to mention the singing! Every time there is music or someone is singing, he has to join in! Cutest thing ever! 

So there you have it, a little update for those of you who have been missing the weekly posts. (By the way, I had the whole #rowanweekbyweek series made into a book! It is easily the sweetest thing I own! If you haven't checked out Chatbooks, do it already! It is no secret that I LOVE them...just look here!)