Spring on the Farm

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Oh baby! Spring time on the farm is an exciting time! Field preparations are underway and things are turning green with life, but that is not the thing I am excited about. The part of farm life that is making my heart all happy is all of the babies being born! Kids and calves are arriving at a steady rate, and the farm is bursting with new life. Just take a look at these little cuties!

Every year I look forward to the arrival of the calves. They bounce around and play in the grassy fields. This year we are added goats to the farm. Three baby goats have arrived and they are the sweetest things ever! We have never had goats, but by the end of spring we could have close to SIXTY! That is a lot of goats...I am going to have to find a good deal on pajamas!


Monday, March 28, 2016

Holiday weekends are always busy for us. Easter was no exception. Our celebrations started a week early this year. Last Sunday we went to Dane's grandparent's house, and while it was strange to get together prior to the holiday it was nice to visit without feeling rushed. Rowan loved hunting for eggs and playing with all of the kids.

Easter Sunday started with a small egg hunt (and spreading Easter grass all over the floor) in the living room, before we got ready for church. Our church does a big Easter breakfast every year. It is so nice to visit with our wonderful church family! After breakfast and a great Easter service we went to our first of three family gatherings! Egg hunts, lots of food, and even more candy made up the rest of the day. Oh, and visiting the brand new baby goat! (Apparently, we are goat farmers now...I will have to fill you in on that in at a later time.)

Some little boy failed to nap more than 20 minutes all day, so he began to lose his cool around stop three. Other than that, I would call the day a huge success. I love spending time with our family. While holidays are busy, they are filled with love.

Things that our holiday was not filled with...the Easter bunny! This is Rowan's second Easter and I have still not gotten his picture taken with the Easter bunny...#momfail! Does lack of tradition count as a tradition?!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

Spring Favorites

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring is here, and I am welcoming it with open arms! I have been anxiously awaiting warmer weather and putting away all of my heavy coats. I am reaching for cheerful colors, fun patterns, and dainty accessories this season. Here are a few of my favorite finds!

Every spring I find myself adding pops of color to the house. Anthropologie has a cute selection of throw pillows that would brighten up any space!

I always love a new notebook. (I know I am not the only one!) May Designs has an adorable collection of customizable notebooks. You can make calendars, fitness logs, address books, and more!

Nail polish always makes my list of favorites. It is hard to resist new colors each season. This blue is perfect for spring!

I am not normally a big fan of bracelets, but Alex and Ani have the cutest stackable bangles. I need to add the Rowan bangle to my must have list!

That straw tote from Target is the cutest thing ever. Don't you think it would make the perfect Easter basket?! (Hint, hint...just kidding...sort of...) I always enjoy an oversized tote for trips to the lake and days filled with activities. They are perfect for consolidating my purse and Rowan's diaper bag.

There you have it, a short list of goodies that have me feeling all springy! This is going to be a fun season with a walking toddler who loves to be outside and a pasture full of baby goats!

Rowan's Room Reveal

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Well, we finally found some finishing touches for Rowan's room, and I couldn't love it any more!

My favorite wall in the entire house is this plank wall! I love the way that it turned out, and it looks perfect with the rest of Rowan's room!

You may remember the DIY wall art that I did for above the crib. It has held up great! It wasn't what I had originally planned, but it is perfect! 

My mom found this chair that was the exact fabric as Rowan's crib sheets! I had no idea we even needed a chair, but this one seemed to be made for his room!

The last touch was this adorable teepee from Land of Nod! We got it for Rowan's birthday, and it has be a huge hit. He has even taken naps in it, which is the cutest thing ever! 

It really finished off his little book corner nicely! He can have all the adventures he wants! 

I love my boy, and designing a room that he can grow into and love was so much fun! 

Rowan Update

Monday, March 07, 2016

It has been almost 10 weeks since I have taken a #rowanweekbyweek picture! (sniff, sniff) Rowan has grown so much, and is changing and learning every day. This age is so much fun, and I love the little personality that he is developing. 

Right now his favorite things to do include climbing, showing us that he is SO BIG, and blowing kisses. His favorite animal seems to be a cow. Papa's cows say, "Ooooooo", and then he laughs at himself. He isn't a very picky eater, but his favorite foods include green beans, chicken, and grapes. He likes to be wherever mom is, and he loves to read.

Row is such a good kid. He throws some huge fits on occasion, but quickly makes up for with a sweet snuggle or two. This kid LOVES to cuddle! Everyone told me that he would grow out of that, but I am happy to report that they were wrong. 

Rowan has just started to really develop an opinion. He knows what he wants (and what he doesn't) and he is very good at letting us know! Oh, and I have to mention the singing! Every time there is music or someone is singing, he has to join in! Cutest thing ever! 

So there you have it, a little update for those of you who have been missing the weekly posts. (By the way, I had the whole #rowanweekbyweek series made into a book! It is easily the sweetest thing I own! If you haven't checked out Chatbooks, do it already! It is no secret that I LOVE them...just look here!)