Essential Oils

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Essential oils are a huge part of what helps our household run smoothly. We use them to promote health, sleep, emotions, and so much more! If you are interested in learning more about essential oils, you are in the right place! 

We got started by ordering a Premium Starter Kit with Young Living. I didn't know exactly what I needed, but I knew that I wanted to start implementing them into our daily routines, especially at bedtime! The starter kit was perfect, it has12 popular and versatile oils, a diffuser, and best of all a team to help teach me what the heck to do with them.

What oils will you find in the kit? These are oils that we keep ordering again and again, Young Living has put together the perfect starter kit!
Peppermint - digestive support + seasonal support
Lemon - uplifting
Thieves - immune support
Citrus Fresh - clean + mood boosting
Digize - all things digestion
Peace & Calming - soothing
Raven - happy breathing
Valor - confidence + emotions
PanAway - happy muscles
Stress Away- calming
Lavender - restful sleep
Frankincense - happy skin + dreamy sleep

There are so many ways to use oils, and trust me, I know it can seem overwhelming. When you grab your kit, I will add you to our Facebook, send you some helpful reading material, and make sure that you get the most out of these awesome oils!

When you are ready to sign up and grab your premium starter kit, you can ORDER HERE; make sure that 2835279 is listed as the enroller and sponsor number. You will want to sign up as a member so you get 24% off all of your future orders! 


What are essential oils?
They are awesome, that's what! They were mankind's first means of fact, they are mentioned all throughout scripture! Pretty cool, huh? The oils can be obtained through roots, seeds, shrub, flowers, leaves and trees & they bring health and healing to the body.

How we use them? 
Most often we use them in the diffuser or apply them topically, but Young Living has a line of vitality oils that are safe to ingest. When we need extra support we like to make up our own capsules, and we do enjoy adding a couple drops to our favorite dishes. 

Why Young Living?
Young Living has over 20 years of expertise in harvesting and distilling essential oils. Their Seed to Seal guarantee ensures that they cultivate their own seeds, plant them on their own farms, weed by hand, harvest, distill on site, and package in house. The quality of oils Young Living offers is THE BEST! Another amazing thing...their farms, you can visit them whenever you want! Sign me up! 

Will I know what to do with them?
When you sign up and purchase a Premium Starter Kit, you get so much more than a beautiful diffuser and amazing oils! You get a group of friends that is incredible. Some of my absolutely best friends were made through Young Living. When you join my team, Feathers & Fir, you get access to great resources for learning about oils! We are a fun little tribe, and I love it something fierce! I do my very best to help you navigate your wellness journey with essential oils.

Are essential oils safe to use on children and babies?
I can only speak for Young Living oils, and I believe that empowering your decision through education is key. We use essential oils on our boys, and we have since they were very small. I have always done my research and followed guidelines that I thought were safe. You can check out this page for a little more info. This is another reason that the team groups are so amazing!

Do I have to sell it?
Absolutely not! You are never required to sell. In fact, you could order your kit and never make another purchase again...but I am betting that you will. There is an amazing business opportunity, but it is not something you are obligated to do when you sign up.

What if I want to do the business?
Awesome! We have teams for our business builders that include mentorships, tips, advice, and a whole lot of cheerleaders rooting for you and all of those dreams of yours! Even if your just wanting to pay for your new found oil habit, this business is great!

Ready to get started?!