The Boys' Shared Room

Sunday, June 20, 2021

It was only a matter of time before the boys ended up in a shared bedroom. The room is about done...just don't ask to look inside the closet, because organizing that has been a challenge. We kept it pretty simple, but added touches that the boys loved. I let them help me pick out some of the bedding, and they loved deciding which pictures to put on the cork board. Of course, Rowan wanted to include the pictures of all of his found pets. Here is a look at the room. I have linked up all the sources below. 

Bedding / Light Fixtures / Puck Lights / Beds / Mattresses / Plaid Pillow Covers / Boyhood Banner / Book Shelf / Pancho Art / Sidetable

One of my favorite things that we added were the lights above each bed. We cut the wiring out, mounted the fixtures to the wall and used puck lights. Bonus the puck lights can be controlled with a remote and have a timer option. The boys love turning the lights on while they wind down at night. 

It was so fun designing a space for them. I have always imagined them staying up past their bedtime giggling and telling stories from across the room. Now I get to do it all over again at the new house.

Powder Room Inspiration

Friday, June 18, 2021

Now that the secret is out (If you missed my announcement earlier this week, we are moving!) it is time to flood this blog with all of the home projects. It will be a little while before we get into the new house, but as soon that happens we are going to get started making it home! We have put so much work into our first home to make it a space that we love & this feels a bit like starting over, but I am so excited to bring our style to the new house. There are two full bathrooms and 2 half bathrooms in our new house, and bathrooms are some of my favorite to make new. So here is some inspo for our main level powder room. 


Is anyone really surprised by all of the black and white? I have been drooling over the black hex tile for months, and I can't wait to put it in at least one of the bathrooms! And the light fixture is actually the same one that is in our current master bathroom. We installed it upside down (which is the same way I have it pictured above) and I will do that again. I love the character of this gray vanity, but I may just try to paint the existing one, add some black hardware, and swap out the vanity for an updated look.

I am getting ahead of myself! We still have a few projects to finish up in our current home, but the second I saw the new house, I was dreaming up ways to make it feel more like home. Make sure you follow along on Instagram...I plan to share all of the progress on both houses in stories as it happens.


Thursday, June 17, 2021

Well, I didn't think that I would be sharing news like this any time soon, but here we are.


Back up...we have always hoped to find a place in the country someday, but we weren't really in a rush. We wanted to make sure that we were making the right decision and didn't settle on just any house. Houses in the area don't go on the market very often, and we prayed about and passed on the few that did pop up. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, and we found out that a house we have always loved was going to be for sale. So, here we are. It feels like such a big change for our family! We are excited, a little bit scared, and SOOOO grateful!

Now, we are finishing up a few projects at our current house and getting it ready to sell. We have a lot of plans for the new house, so stay tuned for a bunch of inspiration and house update posts!