Baby Gift

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Have I told you about by sweet little nephew, Easton?! ;) Well, I pretty much love him (and both of my other nephews) to pieces! Easton is already getting so big! Good thing Dane and I made him a little growth chart!

I love making homemade gifts for all of the new babes in the family! (I made this baby quilt for Lendon!) A couple years ago I saw this growth chart on Pinterest, and I knew I wanted to make one! The project was pretty easy. Dane picked up a board from RP Lumber and cut it to size, then I stained it and painted numbers on it. I freehanded the lines and numbers, but I am sure you could use a stencil.

I gave the growth chart to Shawna at the baby shower, and I think her and Logan really liked it. I love watching sweet, little Easton grow, but I am going to enjoy this snuggly size for as long as I can!

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