Florida Vacation

Monday, July 29, 2019

We are back home, and already missing the sandy beaches. The trip was a dream! We left for Florida on a Friday night, so the boys could sleep for the majority of the drive. It worked out perfectly. We drove through the night with the hopes of arriving at the beach for sunrise. We didn't quite make it, but the sweetest little rainbow popped out of the clouds when we got there.

We arrived HOURS before we could check into the house. After we sat on the quite beach (long enough for the boys to get soaked and covered in sand...they LOVED the sand!) we decided to head to Seaside to grab a donut. Seaside was adorable, and not too crowded early in the morning. They had the cutest little row of food trucks, including Five Daughters Bakery...a favorite from Nashville! We ate donuts and sipped coffee while the boys ran around the grassy park. There were some cute shops all around the square.

We finally got to check in to our house in the afternoon. It was even better than we imagined. I will share more about the house in another post. We loved it so much. It was a quick walk from Santa Rosa Beach (which wasn't ever very crowded) and it had a pool, so there was no reason to leave. That made for the most relaxing vacation ever.

We ate most of our meals at the house, but we did manage to try a couple new places in the area. On Sunday evening we went into Seaside for supper. We got french fries from Pickle's and a grilled cheese from The Meltdown. Both were delicious! We also went to Destin one evening for some go cart action...a family favorite. While we were there we had went to Landshark's Pizza. It was soooo good, and extra special because there was Packer's gear everywhere! Layt would have loved it. And...it isn't vacation without ice cream! We went to Blue Mountain Beach Creamery...maybe more than once! I recommend the dark chocolate hazelnut! Yummy!

Most of our vacation was spent in the pool or at the beach! I highly recommend renting a house close to the beach...especially if you are going with a large group. We could go back and forth as we pleased and followed no sort of schedule. 

I am going to miss waking up and having coffee on the deck, and the boys aren't going to know what to do without a pool. They were usually putting their swimsuits on as they rolled out of bed.

We got these dreamy pictures the last night we went to the beach. I brought my good camera along, and my sweet friend, Tori, snapped our family picture after I got some pictures of her cute little fam. I am so happy that we made this happen...they are probably my favorite souvenir of all time! 

We left with tan lines and lots of memories, and we are all excited to go back!

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