Customized Nursery Art

Friday, June 23, 2017

Up until a couple weeks ago, I had literally purchased nothing for this new babe...mainly due to the fact that we really have nowhere to store it. However, as the due date gets closer, I find that my urge to buy things is growing...along with my belly.

Eventually, this little one is going to need a place to stay, and I want to make his space as special as his big brother's. For the last few months I have been looking at art and decor for the nursery, and I am pleased to say that I finally purchased some. I am far from done, but the personalized piece will surely be my favorite for...well, FOREVER! In fact, I also got one for Rowan's room!

This adorable Etsy shop, Baby Blue Print, makes custom prints out of your ultrasound pictures! Ultrasound pictures typically fade after time, and this ensures that you can cherish them for a lifetime, and lets be real...they are way cuter to hang up and put on display! 
They have several gorgeous colors to choose from. I picked the color slate for the nursery, because I am envisioning a lot of black and white for that room. I also loved the moss and caramel! For Rowan's room I got cerulean...his room is gray and blue, you can check it out here!

It is so easy to do! You just email the shop a picture of your ultrasound (you can scan it or take a picture...they even give you tips for snapping the best image.) Once they receive your file, they make a beautiful print in the color you selected.

Next, I want to order some metal letters that spell out his name...which we may or may not have decided on! ;) 

House Update

Saturday, June 10, 2017

I finally feel like we are moving right along with the home addition! Cue lots and lots of happy dancing...well, as much happy dancing as I can do with this bump. 

The whole project started off a little rough (like, there was a moment I thought our house was going to fall into a giant hole rough). Our basement was dug right before a monsoon...okay, it was really only 8 inches of rain...but still. The workers couldn't get anything done, we had to keep pumping water out of the hole, and when it was finally "dry" enough to get a tractor back to our yard they decided it would be best to fill the hole in until the weather was better. 

What seems like an entire pregnancy later, we have walls and a floor and plans for a bouncy ball tournament (I don't know what that entails exactly, but I am sure Rowan will love it). I am starting to be able to envision us in the space, and that has me excited. 

Dane and I are incredibly grateful for all of the prayers & the friends and family that have helped with this project so far. We cannot thank you enough! 

I will be sure to keep you posted on the progress, and share some pictures soon! You can also check out #fletchersgrowinghome for updates! 

Simple Summer Fun

Sunday, June 04, 2017

We are in full summer mode over here. And while we are dreaming up a family trip to take before baby gets here, we are also embracing all of the simple fun that summer has to offer. Splashing in the kiddie pool, family walks to the park, and trips to the local ice cream shop are just some of the things that we have enjoyed already this summer...and I am sure we will do all of those countless more times before the season is over.

Sometimes the backyard can offer the most summer fun, and I am looking forward to this summer even more than the last. Rowan is at the age where everything is an adventure. It is such a delight to watch him explore. Kids are only little for such a little while, and I want to soak it all up! Here are a few of the things we are looking forward to: 

Chasing fireflies
Making homemade popsicles
Having a water balloon fight
Cooking s'mores over the campfire
Going to the drive-in
Visiting all of the parks in town
Camping at the lake
Pedal boating on Papa's pond
Coloring with sidewalk chalk
Trying new sno cone flavors
Building a sand castle at the beach
Having a picnic
Picking peaches at the local orchard

We are lucky to live in an area that has a lot of outdoor fun, but I am also hoping to squeeze in a few trips to the library...on those days when the heat is just too much. What are your favorite summertime activities? I would love some suggestions to add to my list! Jessica Garvin from Garvin and Co. has a tradition of writing down a summer bucket list, which is a really cute idea if your kids are bigger. What a fun way to keep them excited about the season. If I did that with Rowan the list would only consist of swimming. For now I will make the list and plan the fun. ;)


Friday, May 26, 2017

Who is ready for the weekend? We have some fun stuff planned and I know Rowan is going to enjoy it. I can't wait to spend the whole weekend with my babe and our baby big boy.

I thought I would share some favorites with you. Hope you enjoy!

These swaddle sacks from Fawn and Sage are so cute. I remember how much Rowan loved to be swaddled. This time around I want to keep a nice little collection handy. I love the design of these and the fact that they come with a matching hat!

The Magnolia Journal is easily one of my favorite magazines these days. It is filled with inspiration...and it actually reads more like a book than a magazine. I really look forward to curling up with the quarterly issues and reading every word.

I am going to be living in light weight dresses this summer. This simple maxi dress looks perfect for the warmer season!

I have been gathering nursery inspiration, and while we are no where close to starting that room (because it is still our room right now) I have found some pieces that I really want to include. This sign from House of Belonging is calling my name. It will fit perfectly over the baby's crib!

Rowan is always asking for "ice cweam" and he loves strawberries, so this recipe may be perfect! We are going to the local strawberry patch this weekend to do some picking, and I plan to make some yummy frozen yogurt pops right away...he doesn't have to know that it isn't really ice cream! 

Master Bathroom Tile

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Okay, the house project has so far consisted of removing the patio off of the back of the house, cutting down a tree, digging a hole for the basement, refilling said hole, and praying that the rain stops and our back yard dries up so we can dig again. 

However, lack of progress does not mean lack of planning...and planning for pretty things may be the only way I keep my sanity. I am not the gal to come to for the building details like lumber and drywall and whatnot. I am more worried about what it is going to look like when the whole project is finished, and that means I am focused on the tile and flooring and paint. I have been pinning lots of inspiration, and recently got some tile samples in the mail that are beautiful!

I am really wanting a clean, bright, farmhouse look in the addition. I found these beautiful floor tiles that feel natural, and not too dark. Floor & Decor has great choices to choose from! I originally searched there site looking for tile for our shower, but ended up finding some for the floor as well. Dane wanted something textured and natural, and I wanted subway tile. After lots of scrolling I fell in love with the idea of pebble tiles on the floor and the herringbone subway tile for the walls! It is a pretty combination both of our wishlists. Don't you agree?! 

I love the gray tones that could easily be changed up a bit with some different wall colors or bright accessories. I like to switch up art work and such, so a neutral base is a good place to start! 
So, hopefully ordering tile samples counts as progress! I am imagining my family doing life in the new addition, but it will be so much better when I start to see walls going up. I promise I will share details as we continue...just pray that we get to do that soon! I am doing my very best not to stress out about it. 

"For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything."
Hebrews 3:4

Family Fun Day

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Over the weekend we decided to take a little trip to visit The Magic House. We have broke ground on our home addition, but it has been both problematic and stressful. A little time away was what we all needed. Plus, there may not be much time for fun family trips once the building begins. 

A little lot of rain didn't keep us from having fun. The Magic House was loaded with fun things for Rowan to do. He especially loved the water table. Luckily, they have drains in the floor...he wasn't exactly good at keeping water in the table. He also loved the kid sized grocery store, where he loaded up on milk...I am not surprised, and he was super proud of himself for climbing through wavy jungle gym. 

Sometime you just have to step away from the stress and have a family fun day! There is nothing I enjoy more than watching this boy learn and use his imagination.

Finding Balance

Friday, April 28, 2017

Sometimes we women try to do all the things. I don't know about you, but I feel like I can only keep a few parts of my life organized and functioning smoothly at a time. I feel like it really comes down to how you feel at the end of the day. If I feel like I have neglected my house or my business, I will put extra effort in that area the next day. This is something that I am constantly working on...trying to keep it together. I have personally become more willing to say no to things that don't make me feel fulfilled or that take up time that I could be spending doing something that I love. At the end of the day, I want to feel like I have lived a day of purpose.

While trying to be better at balancing life, I have read several books with tips and life lessons to encourage mindful decision making and thoughtful use of time. And I was so excited to learn about Oola for Women. What is Oola? Well according to the authors, Oola is that state of awesomeness you experience when your life is balanced and growing in all the key areas of health and well-being. Sign me up for this awesomeness, please! The book talks about finding balance in the seven key areas of life: faith, family, friends, fun, field, fitness, and finance. (Oh, and for all of my oily friends out there...they have an entire line of Young Living Essential Oils that correspond with each of those areas...that is actually how I first heard of Oola.) 

This book is filled with encouragement for women seeking a balanced life, and the personal stories within the pages have both made me cry and given me so much hope! I am pretty much recommending it to every woman I know! :) 

You can preorder your own copy from Barnes and Noble or Amazon! And even if you don't think you need any help in the balancing life department, I encourage you to follow oolalife on Instagram! Everyone could use some positive reminders once in a while, mmmiright?