The Kiddo Bookshelf

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The other day Rowan and I were driving home from daycare and he was throwing some kind of a fit...yes, my child throws fits like the best of, I decided to recite his favorite book! Yeah, I memorized every damn sweet word of a kids doesn't even have to be in my proximity kind of memorized! That is a pretty good sign that we need to add to our collection of children's literature. Don't get me wrong, I love The Little Blue Truck. However, I don't find my ability to quote it all that impressive.

I quickly started looking for some new books that the kid would love. I am a sucker for pretty illustrations, so that was a must when I was looking. When we aren't reading the books, they act as "art", neatly displayed on bookshelves in Rowan's room.

The BabyLit books have always been some of our favorite! They are the cutest primer books based off of classics. V is for Vittles might just be my new favorite! The kid is going to know the alphabet by the time he turns 2! ;) I also grabbed All Aboard National Parks, another BabyLit book! It is adorable and educational!

Some of the other books that I have had my eye on are Charlie Harper's Book of ColorsTree, and Old MacDonald Had a Truck. I may have to add them to our library of books in the near future.

I am also loving The 50 States. It would be great for older kids, but I think I am going to order it for Dane and would be such a fun addition to a road trip & I can see it being part of family vacation tradition.

Do you have any book recommendations for my little man? If they have farm animals (especially cows...or cats) than he is game! 

Rowan's Oil Collection

Thursday, July 28, 2016

It is no secret that my whole family is in love with oils! Even Rowan is a big fan. Anytime we get an oil out, he comes waddling over, sniffing the air so he can smell the oil. Just imagine his scrunched up nose and sniffy is the cutest thing!

He would love to carry bottles around all day pretending to smell them. However, I can picture him chucking them across the kitchen floor (the kid has an arm on him), and we take oil safety very seriously! SO...I thought it would be fun to make some little essential oil toys for him to play with.

I ordered some wooden figures from Amazon and just painted them to look like our favorite essential oils! Rowan rarely sticks toys in his mouth, so I felt safe using acrylic paint that I had around the house. If your little one likes to chew on things you may want to look for a different paint option.

Wooden toys are always my favorite, and I am obsessed with how these turned out! Plus, Rowan really loves having his very own collection of toy oils. He is constantly dabbing them on his wrists and feet! Seriously...CUTE!!!

Backyard Plans

Friday, July 15, 2016

I have been really wanting to have some fun little shindigs at my house, but my yard is far from shindig appropriate at the moment. So, I have been searching through Pinterest for some inspiration! I know that summer is almost over, and that is when the BBQ season is in full force. However, I am more of a sweatshirt wearing and marshmallow roasting kind of gal, and when fall arrives I want the back yard to be ready for entertaining! We have been wanting to add a parking area in the back of the house for a couple of years, and that will be the first addition. To separate the cars from the party area, I would love to do a tin wall, like the one above! I can just picture all of our friends sitting around a fire with some string lights, cold beers, and sticky s'mores! 

Some other plans that we have for the back yard include finishing the grill with concrete counter, finding a wooden table with some benches for dining, and of course some DIY yard games! I will share all these goodies with you as we accomplish them! 

Enjoy your weekend!

Favorite Podcasts

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I have recently started listening to some podcasts. I know these aren't new or anything, but I have never really thought about tuning in. That is until one of my favorite blogger couples announced that they were starting one! (If you are a fan of DIY or home renovations, you should check them out here!) After listening to every episode (is that the right podcast lingo?!) I decided to add a couple others to my subscription list.

Normally, when I am cleaning the house or doing work on my computer, I like to have music playing in the background. However, I have found that listening to these podcasts is entertaining and really helps pass the time. AND I am learning some really cool stuff...have you ever heard of a butter bell, I am pretty much amazed! Anyway, I thought it would be fun to put together a little list of the few podcasts that I have been listening to.

Are there any podcasts that I really MUST listen to? You know, because I need one more thing to occupy my time...NOT...but seriously, I would love to hear your suggestions!

Weekend Recap

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We had a busy and eventful weekend that was filled with family and fun...and a little bit of work. On Saturday we headed east to Indianapolis. I had a wedding to photograph there on Sunday, but we decided to go early and make it a mini vacation. 

We quickly learned that traveling with a toddler is not the easiest thing. About half way through our three hour drive we had to make a stop so the restless babe could burn off some energy. We randomly pulled off at a small town that happens to be home of several of the worlds LARGEST items. We got to see the the worlds largest rocking chair, wind chime, knitting needles, mailbox, pencil...and that was just a few. It was a cute little town and we walked around just long enough to find fudge and wear Rowan out. 

Once we got back on the road, we made it the rest of the way with minimal fussing. Rowan had never stayed at a hotel before, and he thought it was pretty fun. The first thing he did was kick back & relax...and then he "jumped" on the bed. We rested for a bit and then headed into town for a little bit of shopping and dinner. Downtown was buzzing with excitement of the Indy 500 and I found it awesome that a lot of the houses were decorated for the event. 

Saturday morning we enjoyed some breakfast and splashed in the pool before I had to get to work. It was beautiful day, but the wedding was even more beautiful! While I was busy taking pictures, the boys went to some drag races and spent time doing guy stuff. I am sure they had a blast!

After a long drive home and some much needed sleep, we loaded up again and headed to the lake! Sunshine is a must on long weekends, and the lake is one of our favorite places to soak it up. 

In the evening we headed to a little cookout with some family! Rowan had a blast playing with his cousins, we enjoyed some delicious food, and there was a heated game of foursquare + some sidewalk chalk fun! It was the perfect way to bring the weekend to an end. 

Toddler Favorites

Monday, May 09, 2016

Having a toddler is quite an adventure! Now that Rowan is walking, babbling, and eating real food our lives have gotten a lot more say the least. And while some things are much easier, there a few things that have become a bit tricky. Luckily, there are some products out there that make life with a toddler a little less complicated, and a whole lot more fun...if that is even possible! :)

Boon Snug: These silicone, universal lids are amazing. I was kind of skeptical when I ordered them, because we haven't had much luck with "leak proof" cups. These have been wonderful, and I love that they go on almost any cup! They work great with the KALAS tumbler from IKEA (which are another favorite)! Oh, and did I mention that they are dishwasher safe!?

Babylit Board Books: Reading is still one of Rowan's favorite activities. There is a great selection of kids books, but some of our very favorites are the Babylit. They are fun primer books with beautiful illustrations, which this momma loves!

Ubbi: We are still raving about the Ubbi diaper pale! I will admit, I thought that the price was a bit high, but it is worth every penny! I love that it uses regular garbage bags and it blocks the odor so well! Plus, now that Rowan is walking and more curious than ever, the built in lock has really come in handy!

Pajamas: Okay, this isn't really specific to a certain kind or brand, but kid pajamas are the cutest things ever. Maybe it has something to do with Saturday morning snuggle sessions or Rowan's leg rolls in PJ shorts...oh my goodness! Gap always has an adorable selection!

Step Stool: This is a great tool when it is time to start teaching things like hand washing and teeth brushing. I personally love this stool from IKEA, and I am actually planning a little DIY with it very soon! I will be sure to share!

Now, if someone would just come up with some kind of poop detector that would warn me right before Rowan decides to go in the bathtub...because that has happened...twice.

I would love to hear what your favorite products are!

Living in the Moment

Friday, May 06, 2016

The other day I was feeling run down by the monotony that has been filling my weeks. Everyday is the same thing, with the occasional visit to the goats. I have found myself anxiously anticipating the next holiday, vacation, or milestone & have ultimately been wishing time away. Then Rowan and I were cuddling in the rocking chair, like we do every night, and I realized that I didn't want that moment to go anywhere. Time is precious, and babies don't stay babies forever. I love the thought of getting away from the everyday and doing something fun, but we can't live for those moments. Life will pass us by and we will be left wondering what it is that we did. I want to look back and remember the small moments just as much as the big adventures...and everything in between.

Because really...these moments are the best!