Flour, Sprinkles, and Dough! Oh My!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas wouldn't be as sweet if there were no Christmas cookies!

Every year my husband's family gets together to make yummy Christmas cookies at his Grammy's house. Unfortunately, we were missing a few faces (Lacy, Dustin, and Coletta) this year, but there will not be a shortage of the sugary snack when the holiday gets here.

The boys were especially excited to get started with the cookie making. (Hank, our sweet nephew, was in love with that Christmas tree cookie cutter.)

It is always fun to watch Hank cut out the cookies. He never lacks effort or enthusiasm...

...and he is never disappointed with how they turn out.

 "Shake, shake, shake" (A necessary step to ensure that the cookie is perfect!)

We eventually collected a large variety of tasty cookies...even if Dane managed to sneak a few bites of raw dough.

No cookie is complete without icing...and sprinkles when Hank is involved. (Trust me, EVERY cookie got at least one sprinkle.

YUM! Don't those look delicious?

I hope everyone is enjoying these days before Christmas. Have you made cookies yet, or do you have an different holiday tradition?


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