A Look Inside My Purse

Thursday, May 10, 2012

If you are anything like me, you probably have to clean your purse out on a very regular basis. It is a chore that I always dread doing, but makes me feel much better (and more organized) when it is done! So, I decided to tackle the job today. I ended up pulling out several receipts, expired coupons, and gum wrappers that managed to find a place in the bottom of my bag. I also found stray cash and change that were just tossed in when I was in a hurry. (It is always nice to find cash that you forgot about!) It seems like I clean the same items out every time. However, there are several items that stay with me at all times! 

Prayer Book: I always keep this little notebook in my purse. It helps me keep track of all of the things and people that I need to pray for. 

Lip Balm: I can't go anywhere without this! I gotta keep my lips soft and smooch-able for my hubby! (Sorry, that may have been an overshare.)

Shades: I love these cute sunglasses, but I am sure I won't have them long. I tend to go through shades quickly...probably because they just get tossed in my purse.

iPhone: I would be lost without my phone! 

Checkbook: For when I need to write a check...which is pretty rare! 

Nail Polish: Just in case I need to do a quick touch up! 

Earrings: Honestly, I don't really know why these stay in there. They get pretty heavy, and I usually take them off before I make it home. 

Wallet: I like to keep all of my cards, cash, and coupons in one place. This small Vera Bradley wallet is easy to grab for a quick trip into the store. 

(If you like my iPhone wallpaper you can find it here.)

What do you keep in your purse? 

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