The Perfect Gift

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I had a really hard time picking out a special gift for all of my bridesmaids. I wanted to get them something that was unique and from the heart! I really wanted to make them feel like I had put a lot of thought into it. I had several ideas, but none of them seemed like great ideas. Then I found Elisabeth Ashlie Jewelry! These sisters make some pretty awesome jewelry, and they were able to design these beautiful custom earrings for the girls! 

I really loved these earrings and so did all of my bridesmaids, but I am also in love with some other pieces that they have. 

Make sure you check out their Etsy shop for all of there great jewelry! 

Thank you, Kate and Lauren! I could not have found a more perfect gift for my bridesmaids!

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  1. thanks so much for the love! so glad you're enjoying the earrings :)