I am loving...

Monday, July 16, 2012

It is no surprise that I am in love with Vera Bradley...especially the new fall color, Indigo Pop. I love the deep colors combined with the bright lime green! I cannot wait to get my hand on some of these items! 

1. Silicone Phone Case: I am so excited that I can cover my phone with Vera Bradley! I have been hoping that they would make phone cases for a long time! 

2. Hipster: I have always loved the Vera Bradley Tote, but I already have a couple of those in Mocha Rouge and Island Blooms. I am really loving the hipster bag! 

3. eBook Cover: I don't like to go anywhere without my eBook...how cute would it be covered in this? 

These are officially on my want list. My birthday is in September...just in case you were wondering! I can't wait to add these vibrant pieces to my collection. 

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