Mason Jar Makeover

Thursday, July 05, 2012

So the other day I was looking around on Pintererst when I found this these mason jars pinned from Etsy. I instantly fell in love! They are so colorful and fun! However, I have several mason jars left over from our wedding, and I couldn't imagine purchasing more...even if they are pretty and reasonably priced. So, I decided to see if I could DIY some! 


•Mason jar

•Paint (white and a color of your choice)

•Paint brush


I already had all of these supplies...$0 DIY project!!!

First I cleaned out the jar, and then I poured some teal paint into it. I rolled the paint around until it covered the inside of the jar. Then I placed it upside down on a paper towel. 

While the excess paint was draining I began painting the outside of the jar with white paint. I did two coats, but I wasn't very concerned about making it look perfect (they are supposed to be rustic). 

After the white paint dried, I used the sand paper to rough it up a little. I removed all of the white paint from the lettering on the jar, and I distressed some other spots.

I am sure I will make more of these (I have plenty of mason jars). I think that a yellow one would be really pretty...or a metallic gold! What color would you put on the inside? 

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