Prayer at First and Jefferson

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Today is certainly a day that I will never forget! It started out like any other day The day started out unlike any other. This morning my family had a funeral to attend. The funeral was for my sweet aunt. It was a very touching service. Margie will be greatly missed. Many friends and loved ones came to pray and show their we mourned her death we also celebrated her eternal life. However, that was not the only life that we celebrated today...more on that a bit later! 

After fellowship with family I had some errands to run before I left for Chicago. I ran to Wal-Mart, and then went back to my house to finish the last of my packing. Unfortunately, my house was 90º (the air conditioner stopped working last night)! PHEW. I finished packing and decided to go up to the hospital to visit my cousin, Ceara. She is was expecting her first baby on August 13. Some recent sonograms revealed that the baby was breech, and it was determined that she was going to have to have a c-section. However, little Kinleigh didn't want to wait. Yesterday, Ceara started going into labor. The doctor decided to stop the labor, but she was going to be on bedrest in the hospital until her delivery. I visited for a while, then left for Chicago (but not before giving Ceara strick instructions to hold that baby in until I got back)! 

I was supposed to go to Chicago with my mother-in-law. I drove about 20 miles north to meet her so we could hit the road. As we were walking out the door I got a phone call. "Guess who is having a baby?" Ceara said. I couldn't believe it! She was going to have her baby only hours after I left the hospital, and I wasn't going to get to see her until I got back. I am extremely excited for her and her new little family! God blessed them with beautiful, healthy little girl (and mom is doing great too)! So, family and loved ones gathered at the hospital to celebrate this new precious life as I continued my journey to Chicago.

In the mean time my little sister was not feeling very well. She had been complaining that her stomach hurt and she had some flu symptoms. My mom decided to take her to the doctors to make sure that it wasn't appendicitis. My mom assured me that it was okay for me to go to Chicago. BUT when we reached Lincoln I got a text. Apparently, it was appendicitis and she was going to get surgery tonight. Reassured by the fact that they had caught it before it ruptured, and knowing that it was relatively common surgery I decided that I would still go to Chicago (plus I really didn't want my sweet mother-in-law to drive me all the way back). A while later I decided to call my mom to see how she was doing and get some more details about the surgery, but she didn't answer. So...I called my dad. That is when I learned that her appendix had ruptured, and she was being taken to Springfield for emergency surgery. If you know me, you know that it doesn't take much to make me cry. After receiving this news I was instantly in tears. It didn't take much convincing from Patty for me to decide that I should go back to be with my family. 

So...back to Springfield we went! However, when we got to Springfield we experienced a litte set back. Just a few blocks from the hospital (at the intersection of First and Jefferson) we were involved in a minor car accident. As we waited for the police to show up the others that were involved in the accident asked if we would like to say a prayer. We had been talking to them for a little while (it took a while for the police to arrive), but we thought it was a great idea to take a moment to thank the Lord that no one was injured. We made a small prayer circle and the nice lady began to say a her prayer. She also prayed for Brooke, my sister. 

It was this prayer at First and Jefferson that made me realize how much God had blessed this day. I don't know why, but there was a reason for this series of events. He has a plan for all of us. When I felt like I couldn't take any more I was blessed with people (even strangers) that reminded me that God was great, and that this was all part of His big plan. 

Now, I am sitting in the hospital praying for health and healing for my beautiful little sister. She is out of surgery and doing well! 

Make sure you look for God in all situations (even especially when it seems difficult to deal with). Thank you everyone for all of the prayers! 

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