Wreath...Yes, Another One

Friday, September 28, 2012

Okay, I think I may have a slight addiction. I have been on Pinterest a lot lately (no, that is not what I am addicted to). I have just been looking for some simple and fun DIY project to try and share with all of you. However, I have recently started to notice a trend...I seem to be pinning a lot of wreaths! It really isn't problem (the wreaths are adorable), but I am collecting quite the stockpile of door decor. So...I am sorry, but this is another DIY wreath post.

I made a cute fall yarn wreath earlier this month, and it is now hanging out on one of our kitchen walls. Shortly after making that wreath I found this tutorial, and I fell in love with the fullness of the tulle wreath. Of course I had to try to make it!

The supply list is short and sweet: 
Styrofoam Wreath Form 
Tulle (I used two spools) 
Extra Decorations (optional) 

I started out by cutting my tulle. I used black tulle and black, glittery tulle, and I cut each strip about 12 inches. You can make your strips smaller or larger if you would like, but I found that I liked the look of the 12 inch strips. Then I began tying the tool around wreath form. I tied the tulle in a pattern of 4 and 2. I tied 4 black strips on and then I tied 2 glittery strips. Note: I would not make a wreath entirely out of glittery tulle. I don't think it would be fluffy enough.

I admired my pretty, little wreath for a few days before I decided what to decorate it with. This wreath is intended for Halloween (yeah, I know it isn't even October...i like decorating). I thought it would be fun to decorate with some shiny spiders. However, I couldn't find any shiny spiders. So...I had to make my own! 

I picked up a bag of 100 spider rings at Wal-Mart for about $2.00...I already had some silver spray paint on hand so I didn't need anything else. 

After cutting off the ring on the back of the spider I spread them out on a piece of paper and sprayed away. 

I quickly found out that the color still kind of shows through the paint, and I really liked the look of the purple, painted spiders. So, I ended up spraying some more of those for my wreath. 

Once the spiders were dry I hot glued them into place on the wreath. 

I think this will add the perfect touch to my Halloween decorations! Don't worry, I took it down. I am not going to decorate for Halloween yet. 


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