Enjoying a Little DIY

Thursday, October 24, 2013

I was really in the mood to do some DIY today. After looking through some of my boards on Pinterest, I decided that I would make a cute little coffee mug! I found this tutorial several months ago, and thought I could finally put it to good use! The supply list is short! A white coffee cup, Sharpie marker, and a little creativity...and an oven.

Once you have drawn your design onto the mug, you just place it in the oven at 350º for 30 minutes. DONE! You have a one of a kind coffee cup!

There are a few things that I will do differently next time.

ONE: I would use a black Sharpie marker! I thought I had one at my house, but I only had bright colors and gold. I think the black would cover better.
TWO: I would get a different coffee cup. The dollar store only had two to choose from, but I would have liked one that was more square. This shape is not the easiest to write on.
THREE: I would keep the design simple. Swirls are kinda my thing, but I think clean lines would have looked better.

This project was really easy! AND...wouldn't this make a cute gift?! I am going to have to make some more (with revisions)!

For now I am going to enjoy the little things...like a cup of hot tea, and an episode of Bones!

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