Happy 25th Birthday!!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Today is my amazing husband's birthday! When we started dating he was just 16! Can you believe that?! We have come a long way. I have loved the 9 birthdays that we have been able to celebrate together, and I can't wait for all the birthdays to come!

God created the perfect husband for me when he made Dane Fletcher! I am so thankful for this day...the day of his birth, and all of the other days that have brought us together. He is one of the most caring, loving, generous, hard working men that I know. He has a heart of gold. He is extremely responsible, but he is not afraid to be silly. He is everything that I wanted and needed in a husband, and deserves to have the greatest birthday ever!

home and garden show

Home and Garden Show

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Last weekend I went to my first ever home and garden show! I probably don't have to explain to you how absolutely excited I was about this! And let me tell you, it was amazing! I still cannot figure out how they pull it off. I was so distracted by everything that I didn't really take a ton of pictures! (SORRY) Needless to say, my to do list has probably tripled in size! Number one on my list...figure out where I can use this wooden wall tile (pictured above) in the house! Isn't it lovely!?

I will certainly be going again next year! However, I will be bringing Dane with me...get ready, babe!