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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Does anyone else feel like buying baby products can be more daunting than picking out a new mascara?! What are the ingredients? Will it make him break out in a rash? Will it get the job done? Does it smell good? There are so many factors to consider! So, I thought I would put together a little review of some of our favorite products.

Rowan had a very bad case of baby acne when he was born. The doctor suggested using Aveeno lotion to help clear it up. I had planned on using Aveeno products from the get go, so I was glad that was his suggestion. Within a couple of weeks, (it was a really bad case) his baby acne was completely gone. I don't have a single complaint about any of the Aveeno products! We use the lavender scented lotion and soap, every night before bed. It smells amazing, which makes those last minute snuggles so delightful! I don't know that it actually makes him calm down, but it sure helps me! In the morning, we use the fragrance free lotion. We also have the fragrance free soap, but we tend to take baths at night, so we don't use it a lot. Both of the lotions rub in very well, and Rowans skin is always so soft! I highly recommend all of these products!

When it came to picking out diaper rash cream, I had no idea what to get. When we were at Babies R Us picking up some last minute things before he was born, I spotted a section of babyganics. I hadn't heard a lot about them, but they were no parabens and the packaging was super cute! (I am a sucker for awesome packaging!) Anyway, I am in LOVE with this product. It works very quickly and there is no scent, which I love! Luckily, we don't have to use it very often, but I am so glad I picked it up! We also recently got some of the babyganics night time lotion and bath wash. It smells like orange blossoms...yum! I love, love, love the Aveeno stuff, but I thought it would be fun to try a different scent occasionally. We haven't really used it, so I can't say how it ranks in comparison. My hope is that we can have a little rotation going on, and I will just keep a little stock of both.

Okay, so this next product isn't actually a baby care product, but it is great! I had a $20 coupon for Honest Co. so I picked out a couple of small things to try. This hand sanitizer is my new all time favorite. It smells great, leaves my hands feeling soft, and has great packaging...I know, I know, it is a problem! We always keep a bottle of this on Rowan's changing station, and I plan on ordering some small travel bottles to keep in my purse.

So there you have it...some of our favorite baby care products!

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own...even when it comes to the packaging.

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