4 Months

Monday, April 27, 2015

So, I blinked, and just like that my sweet baby is 4 months old! I don't even know how that happened. Actually, I am fairly certain that if you asked me what month it is, I would confidently answer, "January." That, my friends, is denial at its finest!

It is crazy that this time last year, he was the size of a kidney bean...just cookin' away in my tummy.

Now, he is a whopping 17 pounds 4 ounces and over 27 inches long! Sometimes, I miss his teeny, tiny baby stage. Dare I say that I sometimes even miss our middle of night milk and snuggle sessions. Yeah, I know I am crazy.

The beautiful thing is , as every new stage comes, I love it just as much as the last! Four months is a lot of fun. We are learning new things, like how to grab on to all sorts of stuff (including momma's hair), making some of his noisy toys be...well, noisy, almost rolling over, and telling all sorts of stories! He still hasn't mastered the art of keeping his poop inside of his diaper, but we are working on it! ;)

For now, I am just soaking up all the snuggles I can get, propping my eyes open with toothpicks, so I don't miss a second of his little life, and being super thankful that God picked this little fella out just for us! It is such a privilege to be his momma!  

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