Baby Easter Basket

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Happy Easter Week!

I am SOOO excited about Easter! This is Rowan's first holiday (besides Valentine's Day), and picking out goodies for his little Easter basket was so much fun! At first, I felt a little stumped...what do you put in a baby's Easter basket?! Sure, he probably doesn't need anything, but I really couldn't help myself. I decided to fill his basket with practical-ish items...or at least things that last longer than Reese's Eggs! Besides, I am sure the bunny will bring plenty of chocolate! :) 

I found his basket at Target. I looked at some actual Easter baskets, but I didn't really like the size or color of most of them. Instead, I decided to get one that we could use all year. Besides, we don't have enough storage space to keep a basket that is only used once a year! 

Naptime with Theo & Beau and Fletcher and the Springtime Blossoms have been on my must buy list for a while. I have been a little obsessed with children's books! These two are so cute, I can't wait to read them to him! They are probably meant for kids that are a little older, but I think he will enjoy them for a long time. He doesn't really care what his books are about, as long as I make some silly faces when I read to him! That always gets me some smiles. 

The ducky rattle that I picked up is not so practical, but SO cute...and perfect for Easter! They even have a matching outfit! I guess I have a little bit of willpower, because that didn't end up in my shopping cart. Can you even imagine the cuteness of a little one toddling around in that?! 

My cool dude loves his sunglasses. I got a couple pair a few weeks ago, and decided to save one pair for the Easter basket. They are affordable and tiny...perfect for an Easter basket! 

The little onesie was a bit of a splurge, but I couldn't pass it up! Is their anything that is more appropriate for Easter?! I don't think so! I even washed it, so he could wear it on Sunday! 

Now, it is your turn to spill the jellybeans...what do you put in your littles' baskets?

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