Backyard Plans

Friday, July 15, 2016

I have been really wanting to have some fun little shindigs at my house, but my yard is far from shindig appropriate at the moment. So, I have been searching through Pinterest for some inspiration! I know that summer is almost over, and that is when the BBQ season is in full force. However, I am more of a sweatshirt wearing and marshmallow roasting kind of gal, and when fall arrives I want the back yard to be ready for entertaining! We have been wanting to add a parking area in the back of the house for a couple of years, and that will be the first addition. To separate the cars from the party area, I would love to do a tin wall, like the one above! I can just picture all of our friends sitting around a fire with some string lights, cold beers, and sticky s'mores! 

Some other plans that we have for the back yard include finishing the grill with concrete counter, finding a wooden table with some benches for dining, and of course some DIY yard games! I will share all these goodies with you as we accomplish them! 

Enjoy your weekend!

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