Finding Balance

Friday, April 28, 2017

Sometimes we women try to do all the things. I don't know about you, but I feel like I can only keep a few parts of my life organized and functioning smoothly at a time. I feel like it really comes down to how you feel at the end of the day. If I feel like I have neglected my house or my business, I will put extra effort in that area the next day. This is something that I am constantly working on...trying to keep it together. I have personally become more willing to say no to things that don't make me feel fulfilled or that take up time that I could be spending doing something that I love. At the end of the day, I want to feel like I have lived a day of purpose.

While trying to be better at balancing life, I have read several books with tips and life lessons to encourage mindful decision making and thoughtful use of time. And I was so excited to learn about Oola for Women. What is Oola? Well according to the authors, Oola is that state of awesomeness you experience when your life is balanced and growing in all the key areas of health and well-being. Sign me up for this awesomeness, please! The book talks about finding balance in the seven key areas of life: faith, family, friends, fun, field, fitness, and finance. (Oh, and for all of my oily friends out there...they have an entire line of Young Living Essential Oils that correspond with each of those areas...that is actually how I first heard of Oola.) 

This book is filled with encouragement for women seeking a balanced life, and the personal stories within the pages have both made me cry and given me so much hope! I am pretty much recommending it to every woman I know! :) 

You can preorder your own copy from Barnes and Noble or Amazon! And even if you don't think you need any help in the balancing life department, I encourage you to follow oolalife on Instagram! Everyone could use some positive reminders once in a while, mmmiright?  

20 Weeks

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This pregnancy is really flying by! I cannot believe we are halfway done, and will be meeting our new baby boy in a few short months. Part of me hopes that September would just hurry up and get here so I can snuggle and kiss this babe...and then there is the other part of me...the one that realizes we have a lot of stuff to get done and a lot of fun to be had as a family of three before baby bear makes his appearance. Oh, and he still has no case you were wondering.

I am no longer sick, but I was really expecting to get some energy back after we made it to the second trimester. I guess chasing a toddler around pretty much takes care of that. I am going to have my hands full once the baby arrives...he is already an active little thing. I have been feeling him move around for the last couple of weeks, and it is so much fun! And we got to see all of his squirming today, at our 20 week ultrasound. 

I have been craving ice cold water and fact, I may or may not have purchased this pretty cook book in the middle of one of my cravings for asparagus. Amazon Prime is such an enabler. As far as getting the house ready...that is supposed to start this week! I cannot wait, but I also feel like our lives are about to get a lot more hectic. I will be sharing all of those details soon!