Warm Wishes

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

One of my favorite holiday traditions is sending out Christmas cards. We don't get to see everyone on Christmas, and I love sending them a little love from our family. There is something so magical about writing out an address, adding a stamp, and sending some holiday cheer. And I love when my mailbox starts to overflow with the smiling faces of those we love so much. 

Looking through all of the card designs is one of my favorite Christmas activities. This year I picked a design from Paper Culture. They had a lot of cute cards to choose from, and bonus...they plant a tree for every order. I love a company that has a strong passion for making a difference. 

This year I am loving simple cards with beautiful font and lots of white space. I also really enjoy the foil pressed cards...ya know, for a little extra sparkle. And you can't go wrong with some pictures of your family; photo cards are my absolute favorite. 
Every year I order an extra card to save for years to come. It is a fun reminder of the joy and happiness that each Christmas was filled with. Do you have special card traditions...matching pajamas, a picture at the same Christmas tree farm? I would love to hear about them!

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