Family Pictures + Family Photo Tips

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

We had our family pictures taken recently and I cannot stop looking at them! They capture our season so well, and that makes my heart so happy. I cherish family pictures so much! It amazes me how much the boys have grown since the last time we had pictures taken. Bittersweet! We always say that we would love to freeze time...well friends, pictures do just that!

Family pictures shouldn't be stressful! I thought I would share some tips to help you have the most successful session.

1. Embrace your season: Our family is busy and wiggly. There will be a day when a portrait is appropriate for us, but right now that is not us. I love the movement that these pictures captured.

2. Don't be too matchy: I picked out our clothes weeks before our session. The outfits should coordinate, but everyone doesn't have to wear the same thing. Pick a couple colors that look great together and then add neutrals. I loved this green maxi dress, and we added a pop of red with Rowan's shoes. 

3. Keep patterns to a minimum: Pictures get really busy if everyone is wearing plaid. I knew that Dane was going to be wearing this buffalo check shirt, so I made sure the rest of our outfits were pretty simple. However, I love adding interest with texture and layers. Rowan's sweater had the texture that I was looking for, and Crew's little suspenders couldn't be cuter.

4. Have a snack handy: Our kids get antsy and impatient, but it seems like snacks help them keep their cool a little longer. I am not against bribing them to get good family pictures, and this year mini marshmallows did the trick.

5. Communicate with your photographer: If you need or want something specific, make sure to tell your photographer. Maybe you want a large landscape canvas to hang above your fireplace...make sure you tell your photographer to shoot some landscape shots. Most of the time there is a good variety, but it doesn't hurt to mention it.

6. Time it right: My kids are no fun if they are tired or hungry...even if there are snacks. You may have to adjust nap time and dinner to get the happiest smiles. 

I hope you found these tips helpful! Happy snapping!

Thank you so much Jenna Holtschulte for capturing these pictures. You are endlessly talented!

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