Date Jars

Sunday, February 16, 2020

I had whipped up a cute little date jar for Rowan's Valentine's Day gift, and it was a fact, Crew wanted one of his own. So I made him a little jar with activities that he loves. I kept this super simple. The activities that I put in his jar include things that he does almost every weekend anyway. The jar just adds a little bit of excitement. 

C R E W ' S   J A R
+ Go to the farm with Daddy
+ Tractor Ride
+ Feed the Cows
+ Get Donuts
+ Go to the Park

R O W A N ' S    J A R 
+ Board Games at the Coffee Shop
+ Go to the Library
+ Movie Night
+ Adventure on the Trails
+ Target with Mommy

Each jar has fun little things that the boys enjoy. Crew loves to go with daddy on Saturdays, and Rowan is always excited about a date with mama. I can't wait to get our fun started...for now they are just enjoying carrying them around. 

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