Tuesday, September 15, 2020

 We have been doing this homeschool thing for a few weeks now, and we are really enjoying it. We are still trying to find a good rhythm...but what is that even when you have two toddlers running around. Typically we do school work while the littles nap. That gives Row and I some good quality time to do some learning. While the little ones are awake, we do stories, crafts, and sensory fun...and recess! A trip to the park is always on the schedule! If you are looking for some good homeschool resources, I have linked them below.

We don't really have a designated spot for homeschool. Sometimes we do our work on the couch or at the island, and that seems to work. However, I wanted to have a little space where he could sit and do some independent work. I have plans for a more official learning space, but for now I set it up on our little table right outside the kitchen. 

It is the most simple little setup...some words that he has been working on and the vowels, plus a diffuser for calming/focus oils. Oh, and I added pumpkins, because that felt necessary.

Homeschool Favorites

Home and Haven Fall Bundle: We are excited about these little lessons! I have them all scheduled out and we start next week. I am so ready for all fo the fall things.

Simple Magic Prints: My friend, Casey, makes these adorable prints with sight words, shapes, days of the week...seriously all the things. 

The Good and the Beautiful: This is the curriculum that we are using for math and language arts. We love it! I know that we have only been doing homeschool for a few weeks, but we have several friends that have used this curriculum for years. It was highly recommended.

We have also been taking advantage of our local library. I check out books every week. Some that we read together, some that are easier for Rowan to read on his own, and some that are educational. 

That is all I have for now. I hope you are all having a great school year!

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