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Saturday, September 22, 2012

I am in desperate need of some paint organization! There is a very small amount of paint in some of my gallon containers, but I can't throw it away (there are going to be some paint touch ups in the future). I love this idea from iHeart Organizing, and I am sure I will be doing this very soon! 

I absolutely love the pop of color on these glasses. The DIY looks so easy! Check it out on BRIT+CO. I may have to make some of these little beauties. This would be a great way to dress up some dollar store glasses. 

DIY chalkboard paint...yes please! I am more than a little addicted to chalkboard paint (if you don't believe me ask my refrigerator)! I don't think Dane would have let me paint the fridge turquoise, but this shade is beautiful! What should I paint next? 

Okay...clearly I had paint on my mind when I wrote this post. I may have to tackle some of these fun DIYs in the next couple of weeks. 


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