Parsley Sprouts...Finally

Thursday, May 03, 2012

A few weeks ago Dane and I went a little crazy planting all kinds of yummy stuff! Dane planted carrots, green beans, and tons of peppers! I decided that I wanted to plant some herbs. I have been thinking about planting herbs for a while. Then I saw this DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden on Camille Styles, and I knew it was something I had to do! (I am excited about the fresh herbs too!) So, I purchased a little green house herb kit from Wal-Mart for about $5, and planted myself (and my husband) some herbs! 

I was not super confident with my planting skills. After all, I was placing seeds in soil and expecting them to turn into plants! My dad does this all the time, but I was not convinced that I got that gene. After a couple of days I started to see some sprouts. First the basil popped up, and it was quickly followed by the chives. However, the parsley didn't show any signs of sprouting. I had pretty much given up hope, and then it poked through the soil! Parsley is the herb that I was looking forward to using the most (very excited!)

Dane's plants are also starting to sprout. The green beans (which he won't eat) were the only thing to sprout at first, and there was only one. Actually, we I thought it was growing upside down, but I was wrong...they just look like they are growing upside down. Who knew? 

Are you waiting for sprouts? 

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