Styling a Nightstand

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I told you I was going to fill you in on how I have styled my nightstand. Our nightstand has slowly become more styled over time, and I finally think that it is finished! So, I thought I would share some tips with you. 

First...make sure you start with a clean surface! Done dusting? Good! Now you have to find some key elements for your nightstand. 

Lamp: It is important to have a good light source. I use my lamp a lot. I really like curling up with a good book before bed, and my lamp puts off just enough light. 

Basket: There is currently nothing inside of my little basket. However, I like to have it there for jewelry, hair ties, and bobby pins that I may take off before bed. The basket keeps all of my belongings neatly contained. 

Photo: I love having a photo on my nightstand, and I really like this oversized frame. Adding a personal touch to your nightstand will make it more enjoyable. 

These pieces can be arranged and styled any way you choose. You may want to add more rustic elements...or something with a little more sparkle. These elements can fit anyones style! 

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