366 Days

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dane and I have been married a full year (and 7 days)! Where on earth did the time go? It seems like yesterday I was waiting patiently to say "I do". The time has gone by quickly, and our first year of marriage was a very special one! So...of course I wanted to get him a very special gift! 

If you have ever tried to get Dane a gift you know it can be tricky. He really wanted money, but that didn't seem like a special one year anniversary gift to me! I had to get pretty creative. This was the criteria: 

It had to be something that he would love. 
It had to be paper (sticking with tradition for the first year). 
It had to satisfy my need to be sweet and romantic. 

I know...I looked at that list and thought it was going to be a big challenge. I started adding some numbers in my head, and then I realized something pretty cool! Some of the most important numbers in our relationship add up to exactly 100! 

17: We met on my 17th birthday (unless you count the time we were 8 at the county fair).

22: Dane's birthday is March 22nd.

24: We started dating on February 24th.

15: Dane proposed on April 15th.

15: We got married on October 15th. 

7: We have been friends for 7 years (that seems like a long time). 

I already had some pretty, blank cards. I gathered several that were colors that Dane would like. I needed 7 cards and 6 envelopes total. I wrote a different number on the front of each envelope. On 6 of the cards I wrote why each number was so special to us, and on the other card I wrote about how thankful I was to be married to him. I am not going to share exactly what I put on each card (trust me it would bore you and make this post very long). Once all of the cards were done I tucked them in their corresponding envelope with cash. If the envelope said 17 there was a card and $17 dollars inside. In other words, he got what he wanted, I got to be a cheesy romantic, and I met the paper requirements! Success!

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