Just a Little Wall Decor

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The walls in our house are still pretty bare. Before I painted all of the rooms I was sure to fill in the all of the nail holes that were left my the previous owners (who we love and adore, but they had more stuff to hang on the walls than we do). Anyway, I think I have been slightly nervous about putting a nail in the wall...it seems so permanent! However, I have officially placed a nail hole in our living room wall. It was about time, the empty walls were starting to depress me. What did I hang up? A chalkboard! We already have a chalkboard refrigerator, but you can never have too many chalkable items in your home! I have to thank my sister-in-law, Lacy, for this beauty! It really is the perfect addition to our home!

I absolutely love the rustic, wooden frame. Plus, it makes a great photography prop! I take it to almost all of my photo shoots, and that means I get to change the message frequently. After each shoot I come home and pick a quote (usually from Pinterest) to write and display! Right now it looks something like this. However, I am sure that will change soon, and I can't wait to add some other decor (including another chalkboard project) to my still pretty empty walls! 

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