Going Up

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wow...I realize that this post might make you fall asleep. Sorry! You may remember me mentioning the spare room of our house in some previous posts. It has acted as storage space for the past year and a half...and it hasn't always been very organized. Imagine a room with a varity of odds and ends...a wedding dress, a bench, a bowling ball, and lots AND LOTS of other stuff. It gets messy, and I attempt to straighten it up, but it quickly gets messy again. Trust me when I tell you that it is not a pretty room. I am not even going to show you a picture, because you would probably have nightmares! However, we have recently made some progress. Now, imagine me with and ear to ear grin! I have had plans to make this usable space since Dane purchased the house, and now that it is finally looking like a reality I am thrilled! 

The main problem that we faced was lack of storage space in our home. Our house has an attic that is roomy and perfect for storing stuff, but getting our belongings in the attic was not an easy task...so we never put anything up there. It was clear that if we were ever going to get rid of the clutter we were going to have to come up with a solution to the problem...which apparently is cutting a hole in the ceiling and making a HUGE mess, a mess that was SO worth it!

We started out with this little bitty attic door. I am really not sure if anything was ever stored in the attic, and if it was I am not sure how they got it in there. A small tub wouldn't even fit through the door. 

After a quick trip to R.P. Lumber we were the proud owners of this awesome baby! I really don't think that I have ever been so excited about buying a door before! 

The installation seemed pretty simple! I thought it might be an afternoon project, but it really only took about an hour or so. I will explain the details of the installation in a later post. I am just so excited to about the door, and I can't wait to turn the spare room into something wonderful that I can share with all of you! 

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