Time for Another List

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Okay, I feel like I have made a big dent in my list, but I have also added a lot to it! That is what lists are for, right? Keep in mind that this is not a short term list...this a list that will continue to grow and probably never be completed. I have come to except this as truth. The house will never be perfect and we will have to make changes based on needs...and boredom. Anyway, here is the new and improved list! If you want to check out the last one, you can find it here

Front Porch

• Get new door

• Change windows

• Remove window into bedroom

• Finish hanging drywall

• Pick out a color for the wall

• Paint the interior

• Paint the front door. I haven't decided if I am going to do this.

• Design the room...Dane and I are have been talking about what to put in this space. I think we are going to build...YES, BUILD...a hutch for under one of the windows! I also have to figure out some sort of bench/storage solution, window treatments, and decor.

Living Room 

• Paint

• Find a new TV stand

• Get new carpet

• Organize DVD storage. You can read about that here.

• Add art to the walls...I have added some, but I am not finished!

• Print wedding picture on canvas

• Get new window treatments

• Get new furniture...this doesn't need to happen any time soon.

• Install new ceiling fan. DONE...it is way more quiet than our old fan, and it is going to be really nice this summer! 

• Paint entry table. This may or may not happen...I haven't decided. 

• Make some pillows for the couch. You can check them out here!

Master Bedroom

• Paint

• Get new carpet

• Style our nightstand 

• Organize our closet...I feel like I do this weekly.

• Fix closet doors 

• Add art to the room. I really haven't done this yet, but for some reason this space never feels empty to me...it is always cozy and relaxing! 

• Make mirror for the room

• Get new lighting fixture

• Get window treatments

Label mattress for easy rotation

Guest bedroom / Office

• Paint

• Get new carpet

• Organize...yes, I am still working on this! 

• Install attic door. This wasn't on the list last time, but it needed done...TRUST ME. There will be a post soon! 

• Find desk

• Find bed or futon

• Find curtains for the windows and the office space

• Install sliding door


• Paint walls

• Paint cabinets

• Paint walls...AGAIN. Blog post coming soon!

• Makeover the refrigerator. Read more about that here.

• Add some kitchen decor...I have done a couple things here and here...but I still have more to do.

• Get a new kitchen table

• Add hardware to cabinets...nope, still not done!

• Get new light fixture...probably won't happen anytime soon! 

Bathroom / Laundry

• Paint

• Tile the floors...after doing the front porch, I think we might use the vinyl planks in here too! 

• Tile the shower

• Change the shower curtain...I am starting to get tired of the camo, but Dane is still a fan. 

• Decorate. You can read about that here, here, and here. These decorations could change slightly as the room changes. 

• Get new lighting fixtures. I don't really know if I want to keep two fixtures or have one centered in the room.

• Install cabinets above the washer/dryer

• Update the mirror

Patio / Yard

• Update the house numbers. Read about that here...I am going to be painting them soon.

• Find a new place for the soda machine with the help of my loving husband!

• Finish the grill...I will blog about that when it is done.

• Paint the stairs

• Extend the patio

• Find an outdoor rug

• Find outdoor furniture

• Work on a flowerbed for the front of the house...when it is warmer

• Install a new exterior light fixture. We picked one up, but we still have to get it put up.

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