Adventures with Hank

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Dane and I had a little visitor this weekend. Hank came to stay the night on Friday, and man did we have a blast! He is so entertaining, and SO smart. Everything he said had us cracking up. We try to plan lots of fun activities when he is over. This time was no exception...we went to Josh and Val's for supper and a Mario Cart battle, made M&M pancakes for breakfast, went to Rural King to check out the chicks (and rabbits!) and get treats for the horses, made a trip to the farm to see the cows and horses, took a few rides on the Gator, AND jumped on the trampoline! Phew...I am worn out just typing all of that! We also managed to squeeze in some creative chalk time! Aunt Britt enjoyed that, but I think Hank just thought I was crazy! Dane's proud moment was teaching him to say, "Don't call me mister...the whole world calls me Hank!" (I really think he would say it in his sleep now!) Sorry, Dustin and Coletta! 

After a weekend of adventures with Uncle Dane and Aunt Britt he was pretty tired...AND we were pretty tired too! Entertaining a five year old is pretty exhausting...BUT it is totally fun! Can't wait to have him stay again! 

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