PULL...In Case You Didn't Know

Monday, July 29, 2013

I have had this little treasure sitting in my entryway for a while now. There is a nice little collection of plants on it, and I LOVE getting work done out there when the windows are open! However, I can't resist a little updating! When we first got the desk I thought I was going to paint it (don't worry, I have pretty much ditched that idea) and change the hardware. I was thinking that something modern and sparkly would be great against the dark wood.

BUT...then I remembered I had these gems!

I found these knobs at Michael's a couple of years ago on clearance! I only paid $1...for BOTH of them. I was just waiting for the perfect spot to put them. I think this is it!

So, they deliver obvious directions...I am okay with that! In fact, I really like the way they look on the desk.

What do you think?


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