Chasing Vera

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Is anyone surprised that I am writing a post about Vera Bradley? I didn't think so!

A while back, Dane came up with a brilliant way to encourage me to run...this was after his attempt to "do dishes" while I was at the gym. (I came home to 2 dozen freshly baked cookies! More dishes and tempting treats...NOT HELPING!) Anyway, Dane decided that he would encourage me with Vera Bradley! For every mile I ran I earned a dollar towards some Vera of my choice! I just love him! (For many more reasons than this!)

 Last week I went and cashed in a few of my Vera dollars on this beauty!

 The little hipster is the perfect size (for a smaller purse) and I LOVE that it has a wallet compartment built in!

 I was torn between Jazzy Blooms and Plum Crazy, but I am so glad I went with this one! It matches everything!

 The real motivation for working out is being healthy, but it is also nice to have a goal to work towards. Knowing that I am only 5 miles away from a wallet or pair of Vera Bradley sunglasses makes it easy to get out and run! AND... I don't feel guilty when I buy something. After all, I earned it!

 What motivates you to stay active?

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