2013 VanHandel Family Vacation

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

 We're back! Dane and I spent the weekend on Table Rock Lake. We had been looking forward to this trip for a long time (I mentioned it a couple times here and here), and it was quite an adventure! The trip started early Friday morning. We met 10 of our friends (wearing matching shirts), loaded up an RV, and hit the road. About one hour into the trip the air conditioner stopped working, but we didn't let that ruin our fun! A few rounds of Would You Rather, lots of laughs, and SIX hours later, and we had arrived!

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 We quickly unloaded our belongings from the RV and got them on our houseboat! We rented the houseboat through a company called Five Star Houseboat Vacations. They were so helpful, and made loading the boat a piece of cake!

 Our houseboat was amazing!!! There were 6 bedrooms, a hot tub, and a slide...what more do you need, right?! Once we found a spot on the lake, we got in the water for a while. It was nice to float around and cool off. Later, we made supper and watched Pitch Perfect!

The next two days we spent floating, eating, and sleeping! It was wonderful.

We did move the boat once...to a place with an amazing view and some fun cliffs!

On the second morning, I took a little walk to the cliff edge to drink my coffee and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

THEN...I saw a snake! It was about 30 feet below in the water, but it was enough to make the spot a little less relaxing! I snapped this picture to show the crew...AND apparently there was a photo bombing turtle! I didn't even see the turtle until I looked at the picture!

The weekend was great! I would definitely go on this vacation again!

Hope all of the VanHandel's are ready for next year! (We aren not actually VanHandel's...but that is a very long story!)


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