Instagram 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

 2013 was a great year! Here is a look back at some of my favorite Instagram pictures from the year.

I loved looking back at all the pictures I snapped! Hope you enjoyed it too!


Wrapping Up

Saturday, December 21, 2013

One of my favorite Christmas activities is wrapping the presents! I know there are others out there that enjoy it as much as I do...right? Every year I use brown kraft paper for my gifts! I just love the way my gifts look under the tree! I try to mix up the bows and gift tags each year, but I LOVE how the gifts are looking this year...I may just stick with this for a while!

My gift wrapping is SUPER simple. I used fabric instead of ribbon...I really don't know why I didn't think of this sooner! Two yards only cost me about $2 and I have plenty for all of my gifts. I also picked up a white paint pen. I hate buying gift tags or stickers...i really just haven't found any that I love. I used the paint pen to label the presents this year. I tried to use different lettering, and make it look festive and fun! I don't know how long I will be able to use this kraft paper, but for now I am sticking with it!

Happy Wrapping!

christmas activities

Wild Lights

Friday, December 20, 2013

Well, we marked another Christmas activity off of that list of mine! We went to the zoo! I wouldn't normally consider a visit to the zoo a Christmas activity, but the St. Louis Zoo turns into a winter wonderland at night! Wild Lights is something I have been wanting to see for a few years, and this year we finally did! I was so excited, and you better believe we made it an adventure! Josh, Val, Dane and I may have picked the worst night of December to make the hour drive to St. Louis, but it was worth it! It was cold...VERY COLD, but there were lots of layers, hot chocolate, and a walk through the reptile house to keep us warm!

I will admit that I thought there would be more animals to view. We did get to see the sea lions, some snakes, and some really creepy bugs, but most of the animals exhibits were closed. We still had a great time, and I am sure that kiddos would LOVE it! There are little activities scattered around for them to participate in.

It started snowing just as we were getting ready to leave...BEAUTIFUL!

What Christmas activities are you enjoying?


Deck the Halls

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December has been busy, but I am not complaining! We have had a lot of fun, and there is so much more to come! We have already managed to mark off a few activities from my list...with the help of two of our favorite people!

We kicked off our holiday activities a couple of weeks ago with our First Annual Deck the Halls Christmas Extravaganza! It was work, but it was a lot of fun! We started the day at our house. Val and I decorated the inside, while the boys hung up lights outside. Our outdoor decorations are pretty simple (just two strands of lights).

Then it was on to Josh and Val's house!

It was a fun day of decorating! However, I have added a few more things! I did just get this AMAZING wreath that is now decorating my front door! If you are reading from Pennsylvania, check out Henry's Tree Farm...and be sure to like them on Facebook!

You can see some Christmas decorations from last year by clicking the links below.

Christmas Tree Stand

Snow Globes




Thursday, December 05, 2013

It is time to deck the halls, wrap the gifts, and let it snow! December is here, and we are in the Christmas spirit. This month is going to be the busiest of the year! There is shopping to be done, family to be seen, and lots of holiday activities to enjoy! I am so excited.

 November was a GREAT month! We celebrated the birthdays of some pretty special ladies, AND we welcomed my adorable nephew into the family! He is an absolute doll...I would seriously spend every hour of the day cuddling him if I could! Thanksgiving was busy, but amazing...as always! Plus we had our First Annual Deck the Halls Christmas Extravaganza...I will be posting about that very soon!