DIY Arrows

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Time is winding down and all I can seem to think about is how soon this little guy is going to be here. We have been working very hard to get the nursery ready for his arrival.

You may not know this about be, but I kind of have a thing for arrows. Maybe, it is because my my last name is Fletcher, and they just seem like fitting decor. Anyway, I made some cute arrows for the nursery, and I am in love with them!

They were simple to make. I just found some dowel rods, colorful paint, feathers, and twine. I already had a lot of the items at home. I started off by taping off the rods for easy painting. However, I found that it is just as easy to freehand the stripes. I just mixed up the size and color of each stripe so they would all look a little different. Once the paint was dry, I picked out two feathers to add to the top. To attach the feathers I just wrapped them with twine.

I decided against adding points to the end of the arrows, after all, they are going in a nursery. I considered putting little felt points on them, but I am happy with them just the way they are!

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