38 Weeks!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

 How is it possible that our little man is due to arrive in 2 weeks! We are keeping our fingers crossed that he decides to join us before Christmas. I know that is crazy! It would probably be so much easier if he just waits, but there are so many reasons I would love for him to be here for the holidays! I know that he will come when he is supposed to, and it will be perfect! I don't know why I am rushing him! Gosh, I remember when he was just the size of a sweet pea...he is already growing up too fast!

How Far Along: 38 weeks

Gender: boy

Sleep: Sleep is getting more and more difficult...I just can't seem to get comfortable at night

Best Moment: packing our bag for the hospital (ahhhh, it feels so close)

Miss Anything: being able to paint my own toenails

Movement: he is still very, very active...sometimes it feels like he is trying to escape

Cravings: a cold turkey sandwich

Queasy or Sick: nope...i have been feeling pretty good

Looking Forward To: celebrating the holidays with our family, and hopefully a sweet new bundle of joy...and meeting this little man, of course

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