Newborn Favorites

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

We have been parents for 5 weeks! (I am not sure how that is possible.) During those 5 weeks we have found some products that have made our lives a bit easier!

 1. Solly Baby Wrap: I haven't had to use this a whole lot. However, it has come in handy a few times, and I know that it will be very useful in the future. I have been able to hold Rowan and have two hands free for getting ready or doing things around the house. That makes us both happy!

2. Sound Machine: Rowan seems to sleep better if there is a little bit of light in the room, and noise doesn't hurt either. This sound machine is great, because it has a built in light. We don't always use the sound feature, but we use the light every night. It is a soft blue light that doesn't keep me up, but seems to be just enough for him.

3. Summer Infant Swaddles: We would have a lot of sleepless nights if it weren't for these swaddles. My babe loves to be swaddled! We have tried other swaddle blankets, but he wiggles out and wakes up. Plus, he seems to know that swaddle time is also bed time! He is one smart cookie!

4. Ubbi: If you are looking for a diaper pale, this is the one I recommend. I will be honest, I don't have experience with other diaper pales, but I can't imagine that there is a better pale. You don't have to buy special bags, there is a child lock feature for curious kiddos, and the smell stays locked inside! I would really recommend this to anyone!

5. RockaRoo: Rowie loves to rock in his RockaRoo! I love that it doesn't take up much room and it is light and easy to move around. Another awesome feature is the iPod hook up...we can listen to some tunes while he rocks and I clean. I think we both enjoy that!

Other things that I am thankful for...Hulu Plus for the middle of the night feedings, and my Keurig (no explination needed)!

What baby products do you love?

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