Sliding Barn Door

Saturday, June 20, 2015

So, I have been drooling over sliding barn doors for a very long time! However, it was not a DIY project that I was willing to tackle on my own. I knew I was going to have to call in the big guns for this one. (Big guns = Dane and my dad) Needless to say, those busy guys weren't willing to drop everything they were working on to help me live my dream of having a sliding barn door. So, I waited kind of patiently for them to help me.


We have a beautiful barn door in the living room!

I fell in love with barn doors (thank you, Pinterest) when I was looking at ideas for the front porch, and I was thrilled when Dane agreed that it would be the perfect solution for the nursery.

Luckily, we had a track and some old barn wood on hand. My dad and I (mostly my dad) cut the boards to size and built a door. Then, I stained the door. (Hint: If you are staining older wood, it will be a lot darker than fresh, treated lumber.) Dane and I just had to buy some rollers and other hardware to complete the door.

I absolutely love the final look! I did have to find some flat vinyl art for the wall behind the looked very empty when the door was closed.

Do you have a space that would be perfect for a sliding barn door? I am so glad we decided to add this fun touch to our house!

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