Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sometimes I get sucked into the beautiful profiles of Instagram. Do you know what I am talking about? The one's where the mother seems to have it all together, and nothing ever goes wrong. Where there is no hint of mess or disorder. It can get you down when you are facing 4 loads of laundry and a baby with cottage cheese in his hair. Just in case you thought my life was not a total mess (which I am pretty sure I have never hid from you) I thought I would share some little confessions.

1. Unless you give me a 20 minute warning that you are coming over, you are going to have to walk through the cheerio minefield in my living room. (If you do give me a heads up, I still can't make any promises.) I vacuum up the cheerios every single day, but it never fails that they end up all over.

2. For every sweet #rowanweekbyweek picture that I posted, there are 20 more on my phone that include tears, poop, or squirming...or all three.

3. For 8 solid months I put Rowan in his crib with absolute certainty that he was going to sleep all night! SPOILER ALERT...I was never right!

4. When I was little, my aunt snapped my leg in a onesie, but I don't think I can give her a hard time anymore...if I was half as squirmy as my son, I totally see how it happened.

5. The other day I went to change Rowan's diaper and there were none in the diaper bag. I guess it is okay, you learn from your mistakes, right? Wrong, it has happened again since then! Other things that have been missing from the diaper bag when I really need them? Wipes. Pacifier. Probably any other diaper bag essential. Things that you will more than likely ALWAYS find in the diaper bag. Random receipts. A pair of sunglasses. Used Kleenex (used by Rowan). For those of you who tell me I am so organized...HA!

6. There have been days lately that I have consumed more coffee than food.

7. Even though I picked out some really cute bath toys for the little man, he would much rather fight me for a now we just use two per bath time. I mean, who ever minded a little extra laundry.

I hope you enjoyed these!

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