Weekend Recap

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We had a busy and eventful weekend that was filled with family and fun...and a little bit of work. On Saturday we headed east to Indianapolis. I had a wedding to photograph there on Sunday, but we decided to go early and make it a mini vacation. 

We quickly learned that traveling with a toddler is not the easiest thing. About half way through our three hour drive we had to make a stop so the restless babe could burn off some energy. We randomly pulled off at a small town that happens to be home of several of the worlds LARGEST items. We got to see the the worlds largest rocking chair, wind chime, knitting needles, mailbox, pencil...and that was just a few. It was a cute little town and we walked around just long enough to find fudge and wear Rowan out. 

Once we got back on the road, we made it the rest of the way with minimal fussing. Rowan had never stayed at a hotel before, and he thought it was pretty fun. The first thing he did was kick back & relax...and then he "jumped" on the bed. We rested for a bit and then headed into town for a little bit of shopping and dinner. Downtown was buzzing with excitement of the Indy 500 and I found it awesome that a lot of the houses were decorated for the event. 

Saturday morning we enjoyed some breakfast and splashed in the pool before I had to get to work. It was beautiful day, but the wedding was even more beautiful! While I was busy taking pictures, the boys went to some drag races and spent time doing guy stuff. I am sure they had a blast!

After a long drive home and some much needed sleep, we loaded up again and headed to the lake! Sunshine is a must on long weekends, and the lake is one of our favorite places to soak it up. 

In the evening we headed to a little cookout with some family! Rowan had a blast playing with his cousins, we enjoyed some delicious food, and there was a heated game of foursquare + some sidewalk chalk fun! It was the perfect way to bring the weekend to an end. 

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