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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The other day Rowan and I were driving home from daycare and he was throwing some kind of a fit...yes, my child throws fits like the best of, I decided to recite his favorite book! Yeah, I memorized every damn sweet word of a kids doesn't even have to be in my proximity kind of memorized! That is a pretty good sign that we need to add to our collection of children's literature. Don't get me wrong, I love The Little Blue Truck. However, I don't find my ability to quote it all that impressive.

I quickly started looking for some new books that the kid would love. I am a sucker for pretty illustrations, so that was a must when I was looking. When we aren't reading the books, they act as "art", neatly displayed on bookshelves in Rowan's room.

The BabyLit books have always been some of our favorite! They are the cutest primer books based off of classics. V is for Vittles might just be my new favorite! The kid is going to know the alphabet by the time he turns 2! ;) I also grabbed All Aboard National Parks, another BabyLit book! It is adorable and educational!

Some of the other books that I have had my eye on are Charlie Harper's Book of ColorsTree, and Old MacDonald Had a Truck. I may have to add them to our library of books in the near future.

I am also loving The 50 States. It would be great for older kids, but I think I am going to order it for Dane and would be such a fun addition to a road trip & I can see it being part of family vacation tradition.

Do you have any book recommendations for my little man? If they have farm animals (especially cows...or cats) than he is game! 

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