Easter Basket

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Easter is right around the corner and I am trying to get some goodies together for Rowan's basket. Putting together his Easter basket has become one of my favorite traditions. Honestly, I would rather give him a few small gifts, than a ton of sweet treats...mainly because Dane and I are the ones that have to deal with sugary Rowan at the end of the day. However, I have included a few of his favorite snacks in years past. This year that might be a bunch of bananas...he is always asking for them! Here is a rundown of what I have been eyeing this year.

We are still using this basket from Target that I picked up a couple years ago. It looks so cute filled with Easter grass, and it serves as storage throughout the year!

Disclaimer: I am not usually this organized when it comes to Easter, but I have already grabbed a couple of these goodies. SUCCESS! Now watch me wait until the very last minute to get the rest of it together...and don't even ask me what we are wearing! 

It's a...

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

BOY! We are excited to share that we will be welcoming another sweet boy to our family in September! 

I will be honest, I had a feeling this baby was a girl, (only based on the fact that the pregnancy has been much different than my first) but I was so excited to find out that Rowan was getting a little brother. I can already imagine all of the messes and fun they will make together. 

Thank you for all of the prayers and good wishes for this precious babe. 

Color Inspiration

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

We have been spoiled with some beautiful weather during these winter months. I have been longing to open all the windows, breathe in the fresh air, and pretend that spring is here to stay. I can't wait until our neighborhood awakens with green grass and flowers and leaves filling the trees. Luckily, we don't have to wait for spring to add some green to our lives. With the addition about to begin, I have had decor and home design on my mind a lot lately. Clean, crisp whites, fresh greens, and natural light give me all the heart eyes! 

Pantone recently announced their color of the year, Greenery, and I am a fan. I thought I would share some tips on how to incorporate the color into your space. Painting a room green may not be your thing, but there are lots of other ways to add a splash of the trending color. (Disclaimer: I am NOT a design expert...this is just how I would use the color in my space.)

Find a collection of little green accents: I love the idea of grouping a bunch of green books together. This can be a very inexpensive addition to your space. Go on a hunt at your local thrift store or yard sales to find old books with green covers. Even if you have no intention of reading them, they will make a creative statement. 

Find a fun piece of green furniture: Add a colorful couch to an otherwise neutral space. There are so many spaces that this would work in...exposed brick anyone!? Don't know where to find a green couch? This one from IKEA is perfect! You could also find a cool green chair to pair with an existing leather couch, or to stick in the corner of a room to create a little reading nook. The options are endless! 

DIY some green furniture: Don't want to go out and spend a ton of money on a green furniture that you may get tired of after a year? That is totally understandable. Hit up your local thrift store to find a piece of furniture that could use some TLC. A couple coats of green paint will have you on trend with color of the year. And there is no shame in repainting it down the road if your tastes change! 

Paint a green accent wall: One quick and easy way to add a splash of color to any space is paint. However, instead of painting a whole room green, try a small area of the room. I love the example above, because the green is hidden and unexpected, but it adds so much personality to the space. 

I must have flowers always and always. - Claude Monet

The easiest (and probably my favorite) way to get some greenery in your life, is to invest in some plants. I love the look of fresh flowers on the counter or a cute succulent in the window. Plants always seem to add life to any space! 

These tips could really be used with any color that you wish to incorporate into your space. The key to a happy home is creating a space that you love and feel comfortable in. :) 

Oh Brother...or Sister

Sunday, March 05, 2017

Rowan has some exciting news to share...

We are going to be adding a baby brother or sister to our "goop skeezes" in September. 
Rowan loves a good group squeeze.

We are so excited to be adding to our family. I am sure Rowan is going to be the sweetest big brother, and I can't wait to watch our babes become the best of friends. 

Also, Row is nearly impossible to photograph...he kept getting distracted by baby goats and crunchy leaves.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!