House Update

Friday, June 22, 2018

It has been a while since I have done a house update for you all.

Honestly, up until last week things were moving along pretty slowly and there wasn't much to update you on. BUT last week we decided to let someone come in and work on stuff while we were out of town. Now things seem to be moving along at a good speed again. 

For months we have had the wall removed between the kitchen and the addition. The next thing that needed to happen was to make the two spaces match and coordinate. Tearing the kitchen apart was something we weren't exactly looking forward to. Having it finished, yes! Having it out of order for who knows how long, NO! Regardless, it had to happen, and while we were gone seemed like the perfect time. 

They basically gutted the kitchen, fixed the floor, and dry-walled the whole thing, and painted. Since we have been home, Dane and his dad have finished putting the flooring down...which I am in LOVE with! 

Currently the kitchen is still missing the cabinets, counter tops, sink, and ALL of the appliances. I am pretty sure that Rowan thinks we turned into a dance floor. We are getting ready to start painting the cabinets and our fridge is being delivered soon! (Thank goodness...running to the basement every time I need something out of the fridge is not fun!)

We are one BIG step closer, and it is finally starting to feel like the finish line might be in sight! 

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