Crew's Big Boy Room Inspiration

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Blogging twice in one week...who am I?! ;) 

Crew's second birthday is quickly approaching, and we still haven't really touched his bedroom. We moved his furniture in, hung up a couple pieces of art, and continued on the rest of the house. Here's the happens, and Crew doesn't really care what his room looks like. However, this mama is ready to decorate the space!

Here is a look at the inspiration for his big boy room. is he possible a big boy already?

Paint | Cow Art | Wire Basket | Black Pillow Cover | Quilted Pillow Cover | Canvas Pillow Cover
Light | Ragamuffin Pennant

I am going to paint the walls the same gray color that we have in our room, the kitchen, and the playroom. It is light and bright and I love it so much! BUT, I want to do a statement wall guessed it; shiplap! We have done shiplap on three other walls in our home, and I never get tired of it. This time I do think I am going to mix it up and paint it a really dark gray instead of going with my typical white!

Crew loves cows and anything to do with farming, so I thought that this giant cow art was perfect for above his bed! I am loving the mudcloth look, and these pillows from H&M are exactly what I was wanting to give the room a grown up feel. For now, he is going to keep his crib, but we will probably get him a twin before too long. I think these elements will transition well into teenage years.

I had considered a fiddle leaf fig tree in the space, but quickly tossed the idea after realizing how quickly the dirt would be packed into my carpet. Crew is the definition of a little ragamuffin, and dirt within reach does not go untouched.

I don't know when we will get around to finishing up his room, but I will be sure to share when we do. Have a great weekend!

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