Wednesday, August 12, 2020

We are back from vacation! It seemed like the fastest vacation ever, but it was packed full of fun. We left Friday night, hoping that the kids would sleep through the night. We arrived at the beach around 5:30 Saturday morning and walked down to the water. We spent several hours swimming, building castles, applying sunscreen, and unintentionally covering ourselves sand...lots and lots of sand. It was the most magical morning.

After a quick lunch on the beach, we loaded up and decided to grab some ice cream on our way to the house. Blue Mountain Cream was one of our favorite stops last time & it didn't disappoint after a morning in the sun. I highly recommend the dark chocolate hazelnut ice cream! It is good! We grabbed some groceries, headed to the house, and got ready for The Hub. 

The Hub is a fun little place for families. They have a lawn area where they play movies for kids and have live music. They also have lots of food to choose from, but my favorite was the smoothie from Pineapple at The Hub! YUM!

We stayed in Seacrest, which was adorable! The pool there was so nice and it was never very crowded. We didn't love the beach at Seacrest...mainly because kids + beach gear + so many stairs was not fun. We really enjoyed Inlet Beach and Dune Allen Beach (which is in Santa Rosa). Dane rented paddle boards, which was so fun. I didn't stand up and paddle out, but sitting on the board with a babe or two was a relaxing way to enjoy the water.

Most of our time was spent at the beach or the pool, but we did manage to sneak away to do some shopping in Seaside for a couple hours. We found some great souvenirs for all the kids and walked around the cutest beach side town. 

We also ended up at Shades Bar & Grill for lunch on Monday and it was SOOOO GOOD. It was very kid friendly and we could not stop talking about the yummy food. 

Okay, now enjoy a little photo dump. 

We already wish that we were back on the white, sandy beaches. It was so fun to take this trip with friends, and make so many memories with the kids.

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