Beach Favorites

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

I know that most of you have already wrapped up vacation...or stayed home this year. We are finally taking a little trip this weekend, and I have been grabbing stuff that we need for the last couple weeks. I am not embarrassed to admit that I still find a lot of my clothes at American Eagle...especially when I am in need of some good beachy pieces. We are headed back to the beach, and rather than packing I thought I would share what I am loving for the trip.

I have this wrap around swimsuit in a rust color from last year, but I like the black even more! It is the most flattering swimsuit ever! It is very supportive and modest, but also not your typical mom suit.

These sandals scream beach! I love the woven texture, and they would be so cute paired with some jean shorts or a dress. I probably wouldn't wear them to the actual beach, but they would be perfect for strolling through Seaside.

I have been trying to find a pair of jean shorts that I love for years. I am never super excited about them and usually end up wearing jeans. This year I ordered these distressed shorts and I love them!

I had these sunglasses last year, and they were my favorite ever! I always just get cheap sunglasses from Amazon, because they end up broken or lost before the end of the summer! I plan on getting another pair of these before vacay!

 You have to stay hydrated on the beach...but also keep sand out of your drink. This is one of my favorite water bottles

I will probably bring a book...which is obviously an optimistic choice for a beach trip with kids. Of course there is a ton of stuff that we need for the kids...that would be a long post. This beach tent with a little pool is so cool. I wish we would have had one last year. What are your must haves for the beach?

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