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Saturday, August 08, 2015

I have finally completed a only took about 7 months are so! This little project has been on my to-do list for a long time, and I have actually had most of the materials for months. What took so long to get it done? Well, I needed a stick. When I got the materials there was snow on the ground, then it kept raining, then I decided I would just buy one, then I couldn't find one that I liked at any home decor store, then I decided I would just look for one outside, and that is when I found this the perfect little stick for the job. Phew...that process took longer than it should have, I know! Anyway...I found a stick and whipped this up in about an hour.

The materials: 
String (I purchased the garland kit, so the string actually came with the felt balls.)

Making this was really easy! I just used an embroidery needle to thread the balls onto the string, and then I tied the string onto the stick. I did make the string different lengths and tried to change up the pattern of the colors. I suggest threading all of the balls at once, and then cutting the sections off at the desired length. 

Originally, this was supposed to hang from the ceiling and be a mobile, but it blocked the attic door. It is probably better this was super easy to install. We just put nails in the wall at three points where the stick touched, and then we rested the stick on top. 

I am pretty much in love! That wall needed a touch of something, and this was perfect! 

I also think it would be cute to tie the strings around an embroidery hoop, and then hang that from the ceiling! There are a lot of ways to execute this, but I really wanted the natural look of the wood. 

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